Nightstand’s Big Reveal

There is one thing about me that I know.  I am becoming neater with age, a fact that makes me very happy.  For me, I guess it’s a perk to growing-old.  Doesn’t quite make up for the gray hairs though.

I was a mess of a child, and if it’s possible, I was worse as a teenager.  No stories about when I was in college or the short years thereafter; however, since I’ve had children, I have steadily become neater – less cluttered.  Perhaps it’s because my home can only handle so many messy dwellers.  One of us needs to man up and clean up!

After many years of FringeMan telling people I specialized in pile management, he finally admitted that now, I was the clean one in our marriage.  I was shocked into a happy stupor, or else I would have gotten that statement in writing.  I think the words escaped his mouth before his mind realized the full admission of his words.

Friends, it’s true.  Every word.  I will prove it to you with photos that tell quite a story.

Ignore Raggady-Ann.  She needs hospitalization.  Unfortunately her doctor pinned her leg back together.  It’s a modern method, similar to rods and surgical staples.

Please take note of my clean dresser top and then notice the reflection in the mirror.  That would be FringeMan’s dresser top.  I doubt he even knows what’s hiding on it.

Enough said.  Moving one to our nightstands…

I consider this a normal amount of junk for a nightstand.  I do live here, so it’s not quite a page from a magazine, but I try to limit my junk to the things I use every night.

Now FringeMan’s nightstand.

Brace yourselves people.

It’s not pretty.


I have no words.

During the conversation where he let the words, “Now she’s neater than me” escape from his lips, he looked over to me with squinted eyes and said, “I think she’s just learned how to hide her piles.”

Mmm, hmmm.

Sneaky of me, huh?

Should I share my secret with him?

It’s called a trash can.  I’ve learned, I don’t really need it, despite what I may think.

So, what does your nightstand say about you?


8 thoughts on “Nightstand’s Big Reveal

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  3. robinaltman

    Too funny! I have two giant baskets on my nightstand to hold the magazines and junk I throw in there. The only things I regularly use, though, are my phone, i pod, and Kindle. You’ve motivated me to do a clean up. It’s time.

  4. Robbyn

    Our nightstands don’t look too shabby, however lets not talk about ANY of the tables in the living room. OH MY WORD, I am going to clean those off as soon as I finish typing this because over half the stuff I can see doesn’t even belong in this room and I am truly scared to see what is lurking under it all!

  5. Charming's Mama

    You don’t want to know. I am probably in the “specializes in pile management” category.

    My grandma used to say “there’s a place for everything and everything in its place”, but really what do you do when you have no storage and you don’t have a place for everything?


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