Mi Manta Mexicana

You didn’t know I was bilingual, did you?

Well, bilingual is actually a bit of a stretch.  I did, however, take two years of Spanish in college.  I don’t want to tell stories, but my Spanish teacher was meaner than two rattlesnakes who hadn’t had any mice in a month.

Uh, I really hope she hasn’t stumbled upon my blog.  For the record, some brown-nosers students loved her.


I shed tears over my Spanish class.

I lost sleep over my Spanish class.

I had evil, sinful thoughts because of my Spanish teacher class.

I’m glad it’s behind me.  To this day, I still cannot watch Dora the Explorer without thinking of Spanish class.

Well, I told you that I’ve learned to crochet.  In fact, I even showed you my Christmas tree.  I’ll have to perfect that mistake before December, but now I am working on a blanket.  FringeMan calls it my Mexican blanket, because it gives him enchilada cravings.

What can I say?

Bring on the salsa!



10 thoughts on “Mi Manta Mexicana

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  3. David

    I am reminded of Father Guido Sarducci’s “Five Minute University.” In case you’re not old enough to remember…

    Como esta usted? Muy bien!


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