One Frightful Night

This isn’t even my kids but he was a fright!

At the last-minute FringeMan quickly made a few tombstones for our front yard.  It was a rough day for him, and he totally impressed me with his handiwork.  He wanted to get much more elaborate, but he ran out of time.  You see his broken driver’s seat came unbolted from the vehicle frame yesterday.  When he pulled into the hardware store parking lot and opened his door, it fell off.  ToTheGround!

I laughed and laughed, because I envisioned him being a cartoon character driving down the road, losing car parts with each mile.  I saw him eventually sitting in the air with just a steering wheel in his hand, finally falling to the ground with a thud and a cloud burst of dust.

He didn’t share the humor in my vision.

But still, he spooked out our yard and played gruesome music for the children.  Trick-or-Treating is officially on Friday night in our town.  At first I didn’t like it not being on the actual day, but it is better.  It’s easier to know it’s always on Friday night.  I just wish my kids wanted to be something cute.


Please ignore the siding falling from my house.  It’s kinda like the car.

Both my kids were vampires!

Uh, I wanted something more like a teddy bear and bumble-bee.  Why are they growing into gruesome children?

What happened to my sweet baby girl?

I know many of you probably do not celebrate Halloween, but for us, it’s nothing more than a fun night.   We dress up in goofy outfits, let the kids eat way too much sugar, and do our part to add fun to our neighborhood.  Yes, sometimes even FringeMan and I dress-up.  Not this year.  Time and money did not permit.

If you’d like to see frightening photos of FringeMan and I from the past, you may click HERE or HERE or HERE.

The boys went out together, pillaging the town’s people for all they are worth.  Rumors of full size candy bars floated around town in the weeks prior to last night, and my son and his friendly hooligans were bound and determined to find them.

My neighbor and I took out the girls.  They put their heads to the ground and shut their eyes tight at the creepiest houses.  So funny!  I love it when adults try to scare the sweets from the children.  It is the one night a year we can get even!

The day ended with a house full of kids, mac & cheese, and a Frankenstein movie.  The adults retreated to the kitchen to eat pizza and pick out the good chocolate.

FringeKid, notebook in hand, was cataloging her candy when I finally made her go to bed last night.  I had to promise not to eat anything before she could finish her work in the morning.




Would I steal candy?

No, no…never…not me.



9 thoughts on “One Frightful Night

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  2. Debbie York

    If there is no evidence…there is no crime…so for goodness sake…I’ll keep my mouth shut…you do the same!
    I love it…Dracula in hoop earrings!
    P.S. Are you sure FringeMan isn’t from Texas? As Red.Neck Chic would say… a little duct tape will get him fixed up pronto!

  3. Cathy

    Your kids are cute even in gruesome costumes! Our town is having their trick or treat tomorrow night. So a group at our church are going to be in the parking lot and hopefully pass out treats to the kiddies and coffee to the adults! Hope we get bunches of kids.

  4. Charming's Mama

    You?! Steal candy?! I hope she counted her M&M’s before she went to bed.

    My sister took my 4 year old to her work yesterday, they were having a “Trunk or Treat”, anyway she wore a t-shirt and jeans, when asked why she didn’t dress up she responded that she was dressed up, she was going as a reformed nudist.

    1. marytoo

      HAHAHAA @ that quick little 4yo.

      My son is in England for the weekend, and they are having a costume party tomorrow night at a real castle. He wanted to go as George Washington, but he ran out of time, and when he left Thursday night, he still didn’t have anything in mind. I told him he would just have to go as an American.

  5. Sara

    How fun! My husband is not a big Halloween fan, but the boys like it. For me, it’s just fun, and people give you chocolate!:-) Jerry Seinfeld does a great bit on this. We still get to pick our kids’ costumes, so they’re going as farmers this year. No purchase of anything necessary–overalls, plaid shirts, boots and floppy-ish hats! 🙂
    Happy Halloween!!

  6. Debra

    Why DO kids want to look gruesome? Glad you scored a few treats. I have to laugh at Fringekid. #2 would lock her candy up in a drawer with a combination lock. 😉 Hubby broke into our treats already. Hope I have some left for tomorrow night! 🙂


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