We need to talk.

I was thinking that it might be fun for FringeMan and I to do a Vlog.  You know, we talk about something while my son captures our candid banter on film.  Doesn’t that sound fun?


Humor me, ok.  Think of the posta-bilities…we could discuss…um, anything.  Within reason.

Say we were to have one of these little conversations on film, what should we talk about?

Oh, and if you’d like to shop at eShakti, use the code, TrUWAJ, and you’ll get an extra 15% off.  It’s for readers of the domestic fringe only.  Aren’t they nice?  Now don’t run off to shop until you answer my question.



8 thoughts on “We need to talk.

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  2. Chris Jones

    You’ve GOT to do this. The world has been sheltered from the Mr.’s unique outlook on the world for way too long. He can be the Ed to your Johnny….the Paul to your Dave…the Rocky to your Bullwinkle…you get the idea. And, when everybody in your blog-o-sphere is quite convinced that you must have been under the effects of mind-altering substances when you agreed to marry him, I’ll always be here to remind everyone that some people on his side of the family are totally sane…kind of.

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  4. Jill

    You could discuss his/hers views on decorating. Or his views on her decorating. : ) Or his/her memories of a favorite or at least memorable event. Sometimes my husband and I remember things so differently, I’d swear we weren’t remembering the same night at all!


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