Jibber-Jabber & Bed Bugs

Holy Cow!


I think I just lost a week of my life to homeschooling, doctors appointments, and cooking.

Oh, ya, that is my life!

No pretending…I don’t even have anything semi-intelligent to talk to you about today.  Lets blame it on the fact that I am taking a combination of antihistamines that all make me drowsy.  Yes, that sounds like a good enough excuse to me.  The brain fog just hasn’t yet lifted this morning.

While I am waiting for the morning fog to burn off, let’s discuss bedbugs.  Shall we?

There’s a plague in New York.  It’s a bug and it’s overshadowing the cock-a-roach.  That’s pretty impressive considering roaches outnumber humans in New York.  The latest and greatest plague to hit the streets is the bedbug.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I said BEDBUG!

For most of my life, I thought the bedbug was fictional…sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite. I felt confident this sing-song nighttime ritual was steeped in nothing more than a parents desire to scare the happy thoughts from their children’s moppy little heads.  I lived the first 34 years of my life confident in the fact that bedbugs were made-up creatures that were no more threat than the boogeyman.

Hello.  My name is Tricia, and I am here to tell you that the bedbug is a real, vicious monster lurking under your sheets, and waiting to bite you until you bleed, crying uncle at the top of your lungs.

That’s what I’ve heard anyway.  I don’t have bedbugs.


Hardly a day passes that I don’t read about a bedbug article in the papers, hear something on the television, or get a second/third/fourth-hand account of actual terror.  Bedbugs have been found in The Empire State Building, Bloomingdale’s, new mattresses right from the store, and of course, countless homes.  They are at the opera (those suckers are cultured), the movie theaters, the hotels, and the fitting rooms.

No place is safe!

My daughter asked me if we had bedbugs where we live.  Not yet, but we are too closely connected to NYC to not get them eventually.  She then asked if Maine had bedbugs, and suggested we move back.  She may be on to something.

In order to prevent these rabid beasts from entering my home, I refuse to shop thrift until they are eradicated.  I’m also making my mother strip on our front porch next time she visits.  Then, I will burn her clothes.  Sorry mom.

For the record, my mother doesn’t have bedbugs, but better to be safe than sorry!

Here are some facts about bedbugs you wish you never knew…

  • Bedbugs feed solely on the blood from warm-blooded animals.
  • They are parasites
  • Eggs are the size of a spec of dust and not visible to the naked eye.
  • Bedbugs are generally only active at night.
  • Their peek attack period is about an hour before dawn.
  • They can hide in flooring cracks, furniture, and beds.
  • Bedbug bites are terrible and are often the first sign of infestation.


Go see photos HERE.  If. You. Dare.

Watch yourselves people.  They are coming to a house near you.


16 thoughts on “Jibber-Jabber & Bed Bugs

  1. Laura

    oh, and send my regards to you mother.
    That poor woman. She can come visit me instead if she needs a vacation. I promise I won’t burn her clothes….I’ll just steam blast her and leave the lights on.

  2. Laura

    so…..if you keep lights on 24-7 will they stay inactive?
    Just reading your post made me itch….and I didn’t dare click your link. I’m itching too much already.
    oh! did you see the 30Rock episode where Alec Baldwin’s character gets bedbugs. It’s actually quite hilarious. He’s a network Exec and his driver won’t let him in the car and he has to fend for himself and get around the subway. It ends with him looking like a crazy person. You can probably youtube it.

  3. marytoo

    I just had another thought. Your list of fun facts mentioned that bedbugs are active at night. I wonder if we (well, not “we” because I don’t have them…maybe I should say “one”) stayed up all night and slept during the day. Maybe that would discourage them?

  4. marytoo

    I have noticed the bedbug’s rising popularity over the summer with, uh, disbelief. I’m with you…never heard of them, except for right before bed.

    I’ve never had a real bedbug bite, but I can imagine what it’s like, because as a kid growing up in Ecuador, we had FLEAS in our beds. Everybody down there was flea-infested, people as well as animals, and the Ecuadorean fleas seemed to be especially fond of blond, white young children. The Indians told my mom to cut eucalyptus branches and put them under the furniture in the house, and in bed with us, which she did, and that got rid of them.

    The downside, of course, was crawling into bed with those cold green leaves on a cold night, or crawling into bed with those prickly leaves and branches after they had dried out. Time to get new ones.

    I wonder if eucalyptus would work on bedbugs?

  5. Charming's Mama

    Gee thanks a lot, NOT! I just washed all the bedding, but now I feel like I should do it all again tomorrow. We were also thinking of getting a new mattress, maybe we will sooner rather than later, something manufactured locally.

  6. caprik

    This gives me the creeps too! I swear the hotel we stayed at last year in Key West had them. I had bites on my legs. It was a Hilton Hotel, not a flea bag place!
    We are in Florida now and so far so good.
    I heard that if you put clothes you buy in the dryer for 20 minutes it will kill them. I will remember that when I shop at thrift stores, but I read that any stores are suspect. YUCK.
    I’m going to google it.

  7. robinaltman

    I had bedbugs in the last hotel we stayed at in Italy!!! I woke up with bites up and down both legs, and my legs got all swollen. We stripped when we got home, washed our clothes in hot water, and left our suitcases in the garage. I’ve been spraying them weekly with bedbug spray I got in CVS. So far so good. Our house is clean. But how gross!!!! I called the hotel in Italy to tell them what happened, and they didn’t believe me. Right. Maybe I bit myself up and down my legs and made them itch and swell. I’m weird that way.

  8. Robbyn

    I didn’t take bedbugs too seriously either until I watched my sister’s rituals at a recent hotel stay to insure she left at the of the weekend as clean and healthy as she was when she arrived! I came home and stripped all the beds, checking the seams for signs of bugs, washed ALL bedding in hot water, and inspected everyone’s skin for bites. I felt creepy crawly for days after that even though we seem to be bedbug clear!

  9. David

    I saw a show about those. Some of the exterminators have beagles that are trained to sniff them out. Then they use a machine that freezes them. Evidently, they’re pretty hard to get rid of.

  10. Cathy

    Ewwww! Thanks for that bit of information. No, we’ve been hearing about them here in Ohio too. I hope hearing is all we do at our house. They say (whoever they are) that they are extremely hard to get rid of.

  11. Debbie York

    What…the chorus singing “Figaro” doesn’t give people a warning they’re not alone in bed?
    I’ve seen this on the news and all I can say is…eeewww!
    Mom…make her give you a robe!

  12. Mom

    I am sure your neighbors will be traumatized the next time I visit if I am forced to strip on the porch before entering!
    The bedbug issue is very bad in NY. Most of the senior housing buildings have them too. I hope I never get to experience this “plague”.


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