Sitting On It

No, this isn’t the post were we discuss how our bottoms have spread into pancake-like pillows with too much stuffing.

Thank God it’s not that post.  That kind of talk could send me into a winter long depression, and I’m not even sure my bottle of Vitamin D could help get me out of that pit.

I want to discuss seating, specifically for the living room.  Now I know some houses come equipped with a family room and a formal living room, but I don’t have one of those.  I have one room for lounging, watching television, reading, entertaining, and whatever else we do in the living room.  I like the living room to be comfortable, because we are a lay on the couch and plop your feet on the table casual kind of family.

Here’s the deal.  I like my living room, but I’d like more seating.


I’m not currently in the market to buy furniture, but I cling to the hope that one day before I require a nursing home or Jesus returns, I will be able to buy a new couch.

Couches to be specific.

My living room is large enough to hold two couches comfortably or a large sectional.  For most of my life, I’ve been against the sectional.  You can’t move furniture around every other week if your furniture is so large, it can only set in one spot.  Know what I mean?

I’m a furniture mover. I like change, but my back and my mind need a rest, so I am actually reconsidering the sectional.

Here’s my question…

Do you prefer a couch or a sectional?

This is an informal poll.  Leave a comment and let me know, because I am curious about how the rest of the world thinks.

And I’m somewhat bored.

And I need conversation from someone other than a child this afternoon.

And clearly I don’t have enough friends.

And a kid who is not mine just walked into my house with dog poop on his hands.

And…well, you get the point.  TALK TO ME PEOPLE!

Ok, I’m good.


17 thoughts on “Sitting On It

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  2. patti

    Oh, how I have missed this place!!!
    I LOVE couches and sofas and love seats and ottomans and chairs.
    NOT sectionals.
    But that is just me.
    I like beat-up old leather, too. And tons of huge throw pillows. And throws.

    Best of all? Ottoman and chair!!!!

    Way more than you wanted to know, huh?
    Yep, I miss you, Fringe Girl!
    But I disagree about 4:00 being a bad time to rise!!

  3. Kim

    I bought my coveted sectional a couple of years ago and now regret it. I like to move my furniture around occasionally and now don’t have that option. I wouldn’t do it again.

  4. caprik

    We have 2 couches and 2 chairs at the moment. I have bever had a sectional, but I am willing to try.
    My “decorator” says we need one because we have a strange space. We had one once on vacation and I seem to recall all 5 of os were comfy.
    That is the problem at our house, 5 people. One lays on one couch, the one who sits at the end gets a crick in their neck watching tv, and 2 or 3 on the other couch, or 1 on the floor. And that one is never me. The 2 chairs are not tv user friendly.
    I am not a big furniture mover because of the odd arrangement of out room. Tv on one side, fireplace on the other. Which one do you block?

  5. robinaltman

    I’d sort of like to hear about the strange kid with dog poop on his hands, also. I like sofas. Sectionals bring me back to a certain era in my life where I’d rather not go if I can help it. Let’s just say I’d sit on a sectional with bad hair and Lacoste shirts, shall we?

  6. Julie McGoldrick

    I was also anti-sectional, as I also like to rearrange often. BUT we are getting something like a sectional- a sofa with chaise on the end. It will give us more seating, with a few places to stretch out, and won’t take over the whole room. I also have a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and one on the way, so we aren’t looking for the nicest stuff… thanks, IKEA!

    Good luck!

  7. Debbie York

    If I had the room…which I don’t…and the money…again, don’t….I would have the two piece sectional in Ballard’s catalog (white, please) or if I had a really lot of money (again emphasis on don’t), I would have the sectional and chair that Cat Daddy just drug home completely redone. BUT…since my house is tiny, I’m leaning to a grouping of club chairs instead. Only problem…where to take a nap? ‘Course I have been known to sleep sitting up!
    One thing I would do…considering your house guests…make sure it’s totally washable!

  8. Laura

    oh FringeGirl, please write a post tomorrow about the kid with dog poop on his hands. I’m dying for backstory
    I was a devout sectional hater. I thought they were big and bulky and I too like to rearrange furniture….
    I’m now living in a small 1 bedroom apartment with a small everyroom and we have a sectional. It’s, like, the only thing my husband had ever spent significant money on in his single days. And do you know what? I love it. It’s sooo comfy to lay in the corner (then you don’t need to put your feet on the table), you can squish tons of people on it, ours pulls out into a queen size bed! And, it divides the space well to create the feel of a ‘livingroom’ in our long narrow space.
    So, that’s my schpeel.

  9. Robbyn

    My living room is on the small side or I would put a sectional in it. I have never owned one so I can’t comment on the comfort, and I also don’t move furniture around much either because the house is small so when I find a great place for something it only gets moved to clean behind it! The thing I like is that we are a family of 4 and I wish we had more room to sprawl out when we are all together plus a little extra to work with when we have company, right now we are 3 on the couch and 1 in a chair and that’s it, everyone else gets to pick a spot on the floor!

  10. Cathy

    Okay, my livingroom/family room is one room too, like yours. I currently have a double recliner and a couch. However, I used to have a sectional kinda like the one in the 2nd picture (except it wasn’t leather) and it had a recliner on each end. I love them both. I love my double recliner except it’s starting to fall apart. It was a hand me down as is a lot of my furniture. And let’s face it…we’re really hard on furniture in my house. I loved the sectional because it just fit my room so well. It’s a really large room and I really loved the way it worked for us…but again, we’re really hard on furniture and it fell apart too. hahaha I like the looks of my current sofa (another hand me down) but it is not comfortable at all to lay on…and really what good is a couch if you can’t lay on it?

    One thing I’m pretty sure of though whenever I get to replace this stuff, I don’t want leather or fake leather (as my recliner is). It’s just plain cold in the winter. We try to keep our heat down and I sit and freeze on that thing.

    So I know I’ve been no help in the decision process except to say, make sure it’s comfortable whatever you choose! Maybe when it comes closer to time for both of us to buy new furniture, we’ll be better able to make a decision! 🙂

  11. Charming's Mama

    I say get a sofa or two. Maybe they have made advances in the construction of sectionals, but if you’ve ever had to spend a night or two on one, they are about as “comfortable” as a sleeper sofa.

  12. LeAnn

    Well…..heres my 2 cents worth….if you have just a family room for viewing television then I love a sectional because that’s what I’m wanting to do in our family room…BUT….if it’s your everything room, then I say sofa with a couple of chairs, the reason is, if you are like me, you like to move furniture around and if you have a sectional, you aren’t going to be doing that. I feel that with a sectional in your living room, you are just stuck! My 22-year-old son would totally disagree with me, when he gets his own place he said he’s getting a reclining sectional with cupholders. Oh won’t that be lovely!!

    Hope that helped and I certainly hope you get a sofa before you are in a nursing home or Jesus returns. Do you check Craigslist a lot?



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