Heart Surgery

We are friends with a family who just had a baby girl.  Thursday they took her for a routine check-up and ended up in the hospital seeing a cardiologist.  Their seven-week old baby girl is in pre-op today and will be in surgery tomorrow to correct a flaw in one valve of her heart.  Right now blood flow is being blocked from the lower half of her body and it will keep closing off until no blood can flow.

Baby Jayda needs our prayers and so does her mommy and daddy.

Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Heart Surgery

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  2. caprik

    Praying for the surgeons, all caring for her, peace that passes all understanding for her Mom and Dad, no complications and Gods people to be His hands and feet.

  3. Debbie York

    My prayers will be joining yours in praying for this sweet baby. Bella had heart surgery while in the hospital to close a valve. I know how frightening this is for the family, but God is always in control. Please keep us posted.

  4. LeAnn

    Oh well we will just prayer for that precious baby girl. God is so good. If you have been following my sidebar, our dear friends and their precious baby Bowen was born with HLHS and he has been in the hospital since birth over 9 weeks ago but praise God he is coming home today. God will heal those precious hearts.



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