The Holiday Talk

I’m sitting here at my computer in my favorite paint-stained, torn moose sweatshirt and slippers.  I’ve just made a cup of tea, and I should be sleeping.  At least that’s how I feel.  I awoke at 4:30 this morning, a hideous time for womankind to rise, and let’s just say that today has been less than fabulous.

Just a little less.

I probably need an attitude adjustment.  That’s the truth; however, I decided to run with the grumpiness for a few minutes.  Sorry you’re on the receiving end.

Because I’m in such a jolly mood, I thought we should have the Holiday talk.  According to the marketers of all things festive, it’s time for the holidays.



I’d really like to skip right to Christmas, but that would upset a few of you, so lets talk about Thanksgiving.

I’m just not very into Thanksgiving.  Is that terrible of me?  I’m really, truly thankful for SO much, but as a holiday with cranberry sauce and stuffing, I’d rather skip it.



I have a hard time loving holidays that merely create ten thousand dishes that must be done by hand, because paper plates are frowned upon.  The idea of missing the parade in order to make forty-two pounds of mashed potatoes stinks like bad fish.

On the other hand, my family shunned me last Thanksgiving and we went out to dinner, and I hated that more than doing ten thousand dishes.  (Story HERE. Another HERE.)  I guess what I’m saying is that I like to have lots of family and friends around me on Thanksgiving, but I don’t want to cook.

Yup.  That about sums it up.

I really want to chat about flocked trees and tinsel, but I’ll wait.

At least until tomorrow.

Now please tell me what you like about Thanksgiving.  Maybe you’ll put the gobbling spirit back in me.

Oh, and I think I’m getting out of cooking this year, but I have been dreaming of fresh green beans with bacon and sliced almonds…hint, hint, *wink*, *wink*…mom, are reading?

Thank you all for praying for baby Jayda.  I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I can.


12 thoughts on “The Holiday Talk

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  2. MissCaron

    I, too, do not really care for Thanksgiving. I’m not big on cooking and that’s really all there is to that holiday. I would much rather just skip to Christmas. In fact, I start listening to Christmas music in October. I know I know. I’m crazy. It’s not all the time… just now and then… but I do start listening to the music of the season earlier than anyone I know. I can’t help it. We go all out for Christmas in my family. However, I really don’t like the blatant commercialism about the holiday and could live without the commercials on TV before we’ve even gotten through November!

  3. Julie McGoldrick

    Going out to my family’s Log Cabin in the woods and sitting at our table that seats 40- I’m one of 7 kids. So many generations, so many different foods to taste (we all contribute), and the fried turkey. Yes, fried turkey, as in dunking the bird in a big, boiling vat of oil. It’s amazing. Life changing. And worth every stinkin’ calorie! We also have milk punches to start the morning, which are fabulous. Christmas gets a little over-done, with the ‘have to be here, have to be there’, and the thousands of gifts and all the pressure… Thanksgiving is simply about family. And eating.

    TRADER JOES- do you have one? They have all those delicious foods, premade. No one has to know!! And they make fancy plastic plates that look nice enough for a Thanksgiving table. I’m pregnant this year (again!), and so we are going for EASY. Thanksgiving is for moms too!

    Hope you day gets better, and I hope to hear some good news about the baby. Lots of prayers from my household.

  4. Jill

    Paper plates are perfectly acceptable–get some with a decoration on them. And have more kids. They can help with the dishes. Why do you think I had so many? It wasn’t like I loved labor. My whole goal was to have an army of dishwashers on Thanksgiving Day! : )

  5. Mom

    I promise—you don’t have to do the dishes. I will use the dishwasher!!! Green beans with almonds and bacon; I think I can manage that.

  6. Cathy

    I love Christmas. In fact, I’m listening to Christmas music. We have a local station that’s been playing it since November 1st. They laugh at me at work, but I don’t care. I listen anyway. Who knows…I may even decorate this weekend (inside only).

  7. Mindy

    Back in the day (for about 20 years), Thanksgiving dinner was spent at a restaurant with me, my mom and sister. It was girls day out while the menfolk hunted, windsurfed, etc. It was fun and we enjoyed our time together. Now days, the menfolk join us and we have just as much fun! Yes, we still go out to eat. My favorite thing on the buffet? An omelet. Every Thanksgiving. Without fail. I have an omelet and then some cheesecake. YUMMY! ~Mindy

  8. Debra

    FringeGirl, I feel your pain. Come up here for your Thanksgiving because we’ve already had ours and you won’t notice a thing! 😉

    I hate cooking on Christmas and Thanksgiving although I’ve gradually doled out a little bit to the two girls.

  9. marytoo

    I LOOOOOOOVE Thanksgiving! It is my very, very favorite holiday. Precisely because it is so low-key. No commercialization yet. And other than food, very few expectations from anybody. I LOVE it! Ok, yeah, so you have to cook a turkey and this and that. But you have to do that for Xmas too, in addition to presents and decorations and Xmas cards and everything else.

    I have been married 36 years ~ GASP ~ and only one Thanksgiving I was not the hostess to a houseful. We started out with grand/parents and neighbors and friends when we were first married, then we added in our kids; now we have no grandparents, but we have added grandchildren, etc. We generally have 20-30 people.

    Remember, I am the one most likely to be killed by my own cooking, so it isn’t that I am a chef or anything. But Thanksgiving food is EASY! So much of it can be done ahead of time, so on The Day it is all cooking itself in the kitchen with very little supervision. Plus we have so many leftovers, I don’t have to cook for weeks.

    I have discovered over the years that people eat the same thing two or three dishes every time, so no new recipes required, and really not a whole lot of variety. Mainly quantity.

    The one year I did not host Thanksgiving was two years ago when my last child took off for West Point and we could not afford a plane ticket for him to come home for just three days. My other children were at their inlaws’ that year, and one had just moved out of state. My man is the biggest fan of Thanksgiving-at-home in the whole wide world, but I talked him into going to one of the local buffets. People do that all the time, right?

    So that was a first for us, and a last. It was expensive, and I gotta tell you, our food at home is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. If it ever happens again that we happen to be home alone on Thanksgiving, I am going to cook like we have a house full, and we are going to stay home!

  10. Sara

    Stuffing–and lots of it!! Couldn’t care less about the turkey or potatoes, or even the family at times–just bring on the stuffing and green bean casserole! My husband likes Thanksgiving because it’s non-commercialized and relaxing. Obviously, he’s with the other men on the sofa watching football and not whipping up potatoes! 🙂 I think, as Americans, we’ve just gone overboard on the whole holiday smorgasbord. We set these ridiculous, unrealistic, Norman Rockwell-esque expectations on ourselves and others to have a “perfect” holiday. When really, it’s just supposed to be a party. 🙂


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