Are You Dressed?

I’m over at Adding Zest to Your Nest today.  Come visit me please.  I’m feeling lonely.

I also have a question for you, but read my post at Adding Zest before you answer.  Here’s the question…

Do you think what you wear matters?

Something to think about.


8 thoughts on “Are You Dressed?

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  2. caprik

    I DO think it’s important.

    I totally get your point.

    I have no problem with being comfortable at home in my jammies, BUT, I think the Lord requires that we care for all things He gives us, so why would our temple deserve any less? Of course, so many go overboard on that.

    And while I don’t think that has to be a dress and pearls with high heels, it is CERTAINLY not slovenly!

    We are always a representatives of God, even at the grocery store. Clean and presentable would be a goal.

    As you said,

    “Remember, just because God looks at the inward, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see the outward every single day.”

    This is SO TRUE! Whether you like it or not, people ARE looking at you. What are you reflecting? The joy of the Lord or the air of despair?

    I also agree that you feel better when you put your best foot forward. Not model perfect here people, just a nice version of you!

    Good job, FringeGirl!

  3. Robbyn

    My mother was a SAHM and I remember her always being neck deep in cleaning and laundry during the day, wearing the comfy clothes we all favor. But, an hour before my dad was due to come home she put all signs of cleaning supplies and dirty laundry away, straightened the house and went to take a shower. By the time my dad arrived she was fresh and clean with her hair fixed , make-up on, and teeth brushed.
    Your post has me thinking I should take a page out of her book, I am sure my husband would appreciate it. I have fallen into the trap of “It will all be here tomorrow so I will do it then.” and “I am not going anywhere today so who cares if I even take a shower?” Thanks for reminding us that it IS important.

  4. Julie McGoldrick

    I was just thinking about this. My baby has been really sick, and we’ve been quarantined by the doctor. No one has seen us in days, and as I looked around this morning at my motley crew, all I could think was ‘THANK GOODNESS!’. So I ran upstairs, threw on some make-up, changed out of my husband’s pj pants (I’m pregnant and nothing else fit), and pulled on a dress. Cute flats. Perfume. Jewelry.

    When I walked downstairs, my boys turned and ooh-ed ahh-ed. They were so excited to see me all dressed up that they ran and did the same (well, the 3 year old did- I dressed the sick 1 year old).

    We straightened the house, lit some yummy candles, and fixed a nice lunch. When my husband walked in, his ENTIRE ATTITUDE SHIFTED.

    My point? (Sorry for the long comment.) You are right. It is important to put your best foot forward for those you love. Show them that they are worth the effort.

    What a great post. Thanks.


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