Enthusiastic Projects

The FringeFamily may lack many things, however, there is no shortage of enthusiasm among us.

I’ve given you a few visuals of our bathroom project, but you’re really missing out on the olfactory.  Since we, meaning FringeMan, is laying a new floor, the toilet has been removed.  No worries, because there is a brand, spanking new toiley sitting in a box right outside our back door.  Problem is without the bowl covering the poop pipe, our house is a wee bit odoriferous.


Instead of focussing my hair-brained head on the work at hand, I decided to take yesterday afternoon and have a little art time with the kids.  It’s amazing how paint and a brush can sooth a soul, especially on a rainy day.

FringeMan says painting is my therapy.  He envisions me in a mental hospital, whiling away the hours painting farm animals.

I say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Now you remember our chickens, don’t you?

If not, go HERE, but come right back.

This time we attempted cows.  Cows are not nearly as easy as chickens to create.  This may be because I lack a passion for the moo.  I’m not sure.  I mean, I like dairy products as much as the next person.  I simply was not channeling chocolate milk yesterday afternoon.  I actually tore my first two attempts in half.  Then FringeKid began talking me off the ledge.

“Let yourself relax.” She said in a soothing voice.  “Don’t think about it, just let it flow.”

Perhaps a career in art therapy will be in her future.  She’s really quite good with the verbal encouragement.

What amazes me is that the three of us sat down with the same supplies and the same mission – To Draw A Cow.

Our creations are as different as our personalities.  Please don’t laugh until you show me your art work.

By FringeKid

By FringeBoy

By FringeGirl

I am afraid to even think of what these paintings could be saying about our personalities.

Have a Moo-Valous Thanksgiving!


20 thoughts on “Enthusiastic Projects

  1. Auntie Em

    They are spectacular, and I especially love the “fringe” of eyelashes on yours! Funny, I use the “marital we” to refer to projects “we’ve” done, too!

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  5. DJ

    Since I have art plastered all over my blog, I can say it 🙂
    I’m smitten with FringeBoy…that kid is so talented…
    FringeKid’s perspective is fabulous…
    Mom, um….you need a regular artistic getaway more often…
    Create On.

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  7. patti

    Fringe Girl, I’m SO blessed to have you as a bloggite.
    You add life and light and LAUGHS to my day, girl.

    LOVE those cows. There’s just something about them that makes me giggle.
    Maybe your husband will reserve a room for ME next to you (at the you know where).


  8. Laura

    I find it really funny that you all drew ‘non-traditional’ cows. They all are very human poses (if you dance like I do, that is).
    Yours and FringeKid’s have marked similarities.
    Has FringeBoy hear the song “Cows with Guns”? I think it would be up his ally.

  9. Chris Jones

    What Debra said….stuff a rag down the drain. Not only can an open drain pipe fill your house with stink, it also fills it with gas. Think Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation. Sewer gas fills your house, your furnace fires up and BOOM! Bad thing.
    End of plumbing lesson.
    I’ve got nothing on the cows.

  10. Charming's Mama

    Okay, firstly, I’m not laughing you can certainly draw better than I can, secondly is FringeKid channeling Picasso, ‘cuz that cow is fabulous and thirdly, please tell FringeBoy that bulls do not have udders, they have daddy parts not mommy parts. Just sayin’!

  11. Julie McGoldrick

    um, how old is your daughter? AMAZING painting! I mean, they are all cute… but her cow is fantastic!

    Happy THanksgiving


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