Don’t-cha Love Charlie Brown?

It doesn’t matter how old I get (not that I am old, mind you), I LOVE the Peanuts holiday specials.  Last night Charlie Brown’s Christmas was on, and I enjoy it as much as if I were ten.

Snoopy cracks me up!  He’s hysterical and he sleeps in the dog house.  What more could anyone want from a four-footed beast?

My problem with these specials is that FringeMan seems to think that I was just like Lucy as a child.  He’s wrong of course.

Mom, please tell him he’s wrong.

I do think she makes a pretty good psychiatrist though.

Who is your favorite Peanuts character?


88 thoughts on “Don’t-cha Love Charlie Brown?

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  2. windwaterandsoul

    Hey I just love Charlie myself, when I was watching my mind went back when I was a child, WOW! what a speacial feeling Christmas gave me. Warm loving closeness I remember having with my siblings, we would gather around our 1 tv in the house turn off all the lights and watch Charlie Brown, it would be silence for that hour, no one would move, no destractions no phones ringing just family enjoyng Charlie. I miss those days very much. But now that I’m 58 I still get that good old feeling, nice memories. LOL! Merry Christmas

  3. John R

    I love The Peanuts. I grew up watching their specials. It is a tradition with my family to catch all of the holiday specials.

  4. lauramcfaye


    My favourite character is Peppermint Patty, because she is soooo creative in finding ways out of doing homework or presentations in school. However my parents always said, that I should like Lucy the most becaus we are very similar (loud, talking (and screaming) a lot, being sooooo smart ;o).

  5. unapologeticmoxie

    I’m not sure if she’s my favorite, but if I were to be a character, I’d probably be Sally Brown, because I too have a crush on Linus. 🙂

  6. makingup3000

    Snoopy of course because he defies everyone and has the most personality…..even if he is just a dog. The most memorable for me is always the dancing scene. You know when one of the characters looks like he is sleepwalking and the twins are doing this kind of side twitching thing and it just loops over and over. Daduhduhduh……(insert musical notes). Great Blog!

  7. freelancer66r

    Aw, I missed it! I’m actually surprised they started showing it again; there were a few years where they didn’t and I literally pitch a fit, especially when faced with horrible, unmoving, and boring other movies.

    My favorite character has always been Lucy. I remember I had the Charlie Brown Christmas book that was laid out as the actual script (but with scenes) and I vaguely remember learning all of Lucy’s line with the hope that my elementary school would let us do it. We didn’t and the only thing I truly remember is Lucy’s “I have five good reasons *holds up hand* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 *makes a fit*”

    I think I quoted that for years. Actually, that sounds like a good quote to start again. LOL

  8. deanna

    Just hearing the theme song makes me happy – a classic, for sure. I love how they make any adult voices sound like annoying noise. My favorite character is Snoopy, of course: I love his audaciousness.


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