Snoopy Lives Here

It’s no secret I love Christmas.  I mean, what’s not to love?

It’s Jesus’ Birthday.

You get to go Christmas shopping.

You get presents.

Everybody makes cookies loaded with butter and sugar, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pig-out on them.

You can be as tacky as you’d like with your holiday decorating and it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

In my opinion, there are no negatives.

When January rolls around, I suffer from an extreme case of ACIDD – After Christmas Is Done Disorder.  But, for now I will revel in all things festive and bright.  It must be catchy, because the men of my house got a little freaky with the lights this weekend.

My house looks great in the dark and the power company certainly approves, but in the daytime…well, let’s just say that the cover of night makes every light twinkle a little bit brighter.

My old tree screwed permanently to a wooden table and stuck in the front yard glowing with too many lights kinda makes it look like Snoopy lives here.  And you should see the porch!  When my daughter is outside dancing around in the snow with her mouth open to the sky catching snowflakes, it’s a regular tribute to Charles Schultz.

Speaking of Christmas…

December got a bit sweeter when a package arrived in the mail.  Two fabulous women, fellow bloggers, and Canadians sent me a surprise I will not soon forget.  Take a peak!

I couldn’t have received a more perfect gift!  What could be better than m&m socks?  They don’t even come with calories!!

Debra from Loyalist Cottage included these two lovely pieces of red Transferware in the box.  She knows I’d like to collect Transferware someday and she got me started with a gift from her very own collection.

I am so very blessed.

Loyalist Cottage and Broken Poet, I cannot thank you enough.  You brightened my day, my month, and the season!  Keep shining.

So, do you like Christmas or are you caught up in hating the commercialism, despising the crowds, and road-raging in the traffic?

Be honest.  I won’t judge. 😉

But, I may stop by and throw lights all over your house!


16 thoughts on “Snoopy Lives Here

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  3. Sara

    Commercialism, not so much. And, we’re attempting to not to Santa with our boys–it’s okay. Call me a “Commie”, my husband does all the time! 🙂 But, I love decorations and music and special movies and finding ways to show others I love them in a meaningful way. My husband put up a Christmas tree of lights in our front yard. I think, like yours, the dark of night adds something to the overall “design”. I, too, suffer from Post-Christmas-Syndrome. January is a dark and cold month here. I leave the Christmas lights up! 🙂

  4. caprik

    I jettisoned a LOT of the rat race aspect of Christmas a LONG time ago, and it has been much better since.
    When it stops being fun, it’s all too much.
    I am quite sure that Jesus is not pleased with much of what goes on while celebrating His birth.
    I am all for de-stressing and un-hustling and bustling. The Christmas cards are usually my biggest hassle, but this year they were not. Thank you Lord!! 🙂

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  6. Laura

    ooh! Can you please come and throw lights all over my house?! I’d love that!
    I try to enjoy Christmas and forget about all the materialism and commercialism…easier said than done, but I try.
    Enjoy your holidays!

  7. Charming's Mama

    I love Christmas, sort of. I’m wishy-washy like Charlie Brown. I love eating all the Christmas cookies, but then regret the Christmas pounds. They don’t come off as easily as taking down the decorations.

  8. Julie McGoldrick

    LOVE Christmas, despite our long flight to Louisiana! My kids are finally old enough to “get it”, and have been playing with their nativity scene for weeks now. We are ready! Very few decorations this year, as we won’t be in town, but enough to be in the spirit. Merry Christmas!

  9. patti

    Fringe Girl, you are so fun! I am smiling as I write.
    Hmmm. Don’t have your enthusiasm for Christmas. But I do love Jesus and the church services telling The Greatest Story.
    Love the hymns, too!

    Blessings, dear one.

  10. Jill

    I’m more into it some years than others. This year I’m enjoying it, but I occasionally have moments of panic at things that aren’t done. I want to see pics of the outside of your house decorated for Christmas! I’m so jealous–I always wanted Snoopy to live at my house. He’s too cool for words.

  11. marytoo

    I was waiting for the pix of the lights on your house and your Charlie Brown Xmas tree…

    I like Xmas well enough. The lights, decorations, parties, food/family/friends, cold weather, even the presents, and of course the fact that the general public is much more receptive to hearing about the birth of Jesus at this time of the year.

    What I don’t like is the obligation that you *must* give presents, even sometimes to people you don’t know. And then among those you would like to give a present to, I hate the expectation that every present has to be bigger/better than the last.

    Another thing that ruins gift-giving for me is that everybody I know has everything they could possibly need, and pretty much everything they could ever want, so it leaves very little possibility of a really cool present.

    But other than that, Xmas is ok. 😉


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