Today, Yesterday, or is it Tomorrow?

In the spirit of Christmas and fair warnings, today I will simply bore you with the details of my life.  If you’d rather not read, I understand.

But I have a question before you close the screen…

Is it freezing all over the world or just where I live?

I’m on my third day with a migraine.  Technically they would be three different migraines since I lost my vision three separate times, but hey, it all blends together in a period of time enunciated with pain.

And yes, I am whining.

All those baking supplies are still crowding my counter, only now a basket of laundry has joined them, along with presents that need to mailed.

Boy I hope the United States Postal System is speedy this year or else my gifts will be New Year surprises.

Family I love you, even if my gifts don’t show it!

Tomorrow I am guest posting somewhere and I do hope you’ll come visit me.  I wrote that post last night thinking today was tomorrow, but today is simply today.  So then I had nothing for today, but I had something for tomorrow.  Unfortunately you get this today.

I apologize.

Tonight my kids have a Christmas performance.  Our homeschool group is putting on a little Christmas program filled with singing and recorder playing.

Can I burn the recorders tomorrow?

Sorry, that was the migraine speaking.

By any chance does this week have two Mondays?

See you tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Today, Yesterday, or is it Tomorrow?

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  2. Pingback: Today, Yesterday, or is it Tomorrow? | Buford Corn Maze a Night of Family Fun

  3. patti

    I hate that you had a migraine and hope the laughs and great responses at Erma’s place dimmed the pain.

    It’s awful when the headaches move to your eyes.

  4. Jo@Mylestones

    Can’t speak for the rest of the world, but YES, it’s freezing here too!
    As for the recorders, I’d suggest smashing them into little bits. It would be more therapeutic than burning. Once your migraine goes away, that is.

  5. Sara

    What a bummer! You’re not whining, you’re venting–there’s a difference. My little one has just come down with a second round of the stomach flu in two weeks! Great stuff!! We’ve canceled an open house we had scheduled for Saturday at our parsonage as, with my hubby and I both battling colds, I’ve decided to nickname our house “the plague house”. Fortunately, it’s not freezing here, just plain old-fashioned cold. I hope you feel better. Maybe another cookie would help?:-)

  6. caprik

    Oh Dear, nothing like an aching noggin to slow you down to a snails pace.

    It’s pretty darn cold over here in The Mitten as well. I don’t yearn to do all that last minute running around in arctic temps.

  7. robinaltman

    So sorry about the evil migraine! I have a terrible confession – my 18-yr-old son is in chorus, and I didn’t go to his holiday concert because I hate the things. I like hearing the kids sing, but the band… Oh, the band… It’s excruciating. Kevin told me I could come late next time and skip the band. I’ll go to the spring concert. I’m a bad mommy.

  8. Jill

    Love the picture! Yes, even in Florida it is freezing. Although I think It’s supposed to warm up a little the next few days. Come and visit me! But bring the cookies. : )

  9. Debra

    Oh poor you. I wish I could help. Usually we are freezing here. However this week we have had typhoon like winds and rain and some people are still without power and others are stranded because of flooded roads, bridges, etc. Not pretty. Now we have a light dusting of snow.
    I hope there are two Mondays next week. 😉

  10. robelyn

    It’s about 45 here today… which in Texas means we are freezing to death and all dressed like eskimo’s.

    I hope your head feels better SOON!!! Those recorders are not going to help… I’m just sayin’. ;D



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