Complaints, complaints

Tonight at dinner FringeMan told my son, and I QUOTE, “You know, mannequins are nearly the perfect women.  They don’t speak.”

FringeMan will be sorry he made that statement.

Lately I seem to be getting too many family complaints.

My mum left a snarky comment about the picture I posted of her yesterday.  Sheesh!  I posted a bad one of myself too.  And I could have added a caption to her photo, but I refrained.

So today, without further ado, I present to you the Hollywood version of the FringeMom.

Please tell her she looks lovely.

Or else she’ll be mighty mad at me for posting this picture.


She thinks my house is cold, but she doesn't understand everyone gets icicles hanging from their nose in the winter.

Ok, so enough picking on my mum.  It’s not even her birthday and she’s getting all the attention.

You’re a lucky woman mum.

Please don’t hurt me the next time you come to visit.

I love you.

In real news…

I have managed to lose a library book CD set.  I can’t find it anywhere!  I’m in so much trouble.

Certainly I returned it, but they said no.  It’s a case of FringeGirl vs. The Public Library.

I’m certain I will lose.

Now I’m stuck in this cycle of just renewing it every time it comes due.  Eventually they’re gonna catch on and you’ll see my mug on America’s Most Wanted.

For my mum’s sake, I hope it’s a bad photo of myself.

See mum, vengeance is mine saith the Lord and the library.

I think I’ll just go into the library tomorrow and fess up to my mortal blunder.  How much can a book on CD cost anyway?

I just wish I could find it somewhere.  There’s no place in my house for it to hide.  That’s what befuddles me.

If only I didn’t have a record with New York State libraries...



14 thoughts on “Complaints, complaints

  1. Laura

    Your mum looks lovely (and bed bug free).
    HOT TIP: Offer to buy the library a replacement instead of paying their original cost. I used to work for a video store and we would let customers do this. You can probably find whatever it was on amazon or ebay cheaper then what the library bought it for.

  2. Tammy

    If you absolutely can’t find the item from the library buy it from a used book site and give that to the library. You will have to explain to them that you lost it and bought another one but it will be alot cheaper.

  3. Charming's Mama

    I think your mom is lovely and I love reading the comments that she leaves on your blog. It shows that you all have a wonderfully loving relationship and that is something to cherish. So I say blog on FringeGirl show your momma some love!

  4. LeAnn

    Fringe Man definitely needs to pay for that statement. Definitely make him deal with the library!! Your mom is a good sport. I know how I feel when my daughter takes a pic of me and I don’t like it, I always delete it from the camera before she has a chance to even download it!

    Your mom is indeed lovely.


  5. Deanna

    Our little library is always accusing me of not returning items I know I returned. I always ask them to do a shelf check, or better yet, sometimes I even check the shelves myself and show the item in question to a librarian at the checkout desk. It’s worth a try!

    1. marytoo

      This happens to me, too. One time they even dinged me for a book I never even took out. I had to go hunt it up on the shelf, and voila, there it was!

  6. Jill

    All the males in my household would agree with FringeMan. That’s why I would Gibb-slap all of them. (You have to be a fan of NCIS to understand.)

  7. Cathy

    Good luck at the library! I wouldn’t sleep all night if I had to go tell them I’d lost it. haha

    Of course then, if your mom kills you for the pictures you posted, you won’t have to go to the library to confess. Just think, you could just confess to Jesus when He takes you home after your mom kills you. He’s probably a lot more forgiving. 🙂

  8. Debra

    Your poor mother! She’s lovely and a great sport. You just better leave those libraries alone. Or send your husband. Didn’t he get that lovely fitness dvd for you???


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