Focaccia Bread Recipe

FringeMan and I were snuggled in bed the other night, when I mentioned that I was going to make Focaccia bread the next day.  In the dark I could feel him scrunch up his face and say “Ohhhhhhh…”

He said the “oh” as if he heard, “Tomorrow I am going into the woods, gathering a bowl of worms, mixing it with toxic water, and burning it in the broiler.”

In defense I jumped up, recounting in detail all the wonderful meals I’ve made since we wed.  It took me about thirty seconds.

In fact the other night as we were eating, I apologized for making a lousy meal.  FringeMan was quick to say “Don’t worry.  This is pretty good.  You’ve made a lot of things that looked better on the plate, but tasted a whole lot worse.”

He knows exactly what to say to make me feel like a culinary queen.

Amid a houseful of doubts, I made Focaccia bread from scratch.  It was more than fabulous.  I’ve eaten it and lived to tell you to TRY IT!

I used THIS recipe, but didn’t use any of the powdered flavoring, because who has ever heard of powdered pizza flavoring?  I mean, come on.  I need a recipe with ingredients I can find in Wally World.  I’m just not that fancy.

I did, however, add a teaspoon of Italian seasoning to the dough while it was mixing.  Then I put it in a well oiled (olive oil) 9×13 pan and let it rise for around two hours.  When we started getting hungry, I…

caramalized an onion,

lavishly brushed olive oil on the dough,

spread some finely chopped garlic over the entire surface of the dough,

evenly distributed the onion,

spread a few chopped olives on half,

and baked it according to the directions.

About two minutes before the timer buzzed, I sprinked some grated sharp cheddar on the bread.  Not much, barely a taste.


Even doubting Thomas FringeMan loved it.

It’s such an easy recipe.  I’m sure you can get creative with your toppings.  The sky’s the limit!

Or your pantry.

Do you love fresh bread?


14 thoughts on “Focaccia Bread Recipe

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  2. Tori Nelson

    I feel your pain, sister. Every time I’ve tried to get creative in my domestic duties, the best comment I can get is a “Well, at least this chicken is moist”.
    P.S. That bread looks AMAZING! Definitely gonna try it out and (hopefully) impress the supper haters!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Nina, I didn’t use anything weird. I skipped the pizza flavor, the dough flavor and the cheese powder. I used real cheese on top and Italian seasoning (basil, oregano…that kind of stuff) in the dough. The only other ingredients you need are flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil.

      1. nina

        oh…well then if that’s the case….that’s about all we’ve got over here…Flour, yeast salt and azeite. (Olive oil….golden oil!! I LOVE that stuff!! And it’s cheaper over here I think than there…one of the few things. I’ll take what I can get!)

        Then if you’rs turned out that good minus some of the flavors…i’m gonna try it! 😉 thanks!

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  4. Chrissy

    That actually looks good for what it is. I don’t like this kind of bread, BUT, it looks like you did a good job.


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