My Evolving Philosophy on Life & Living

Grab a coffee or something, because I’ve spoken a mouthful of words today.

Never say I didn’t warn you.

My philosophy of living life is changing.  This change is not sudden, but rather something that has been evolving over the last five or six years.  I’ve noticed that the way I live is being streamlined, yet is fuller.  I need less, but want more – more life, less stuff.

It’s this idea of abundant living that’s been floating around in my head.  Every once in a while it finds the solid ground it needs to flourish.

I realized that if I am weighted down with stuff, I won’t have time to live abundantly.  I will be working to manage my things, instead of enjoying my things.

Sound crazy?

Let me give you a simple example.

I have a rather large collection of milk glass.  Do I like it?  I definitely do.  I think it’s beautiful, and some of it I use everyday.  The remainder takes up precious real estate in my closet and collects dust on my shelves.  I work to maintain it, because I breed dust bunnies as a hobby.

I like my collection, but I don’t want to spend even a small portion of my life working to maintain my collection.  I would rather take my resources (time, energy, finances) and invest them in something or someone more profitable.

Now don’t think I’m being selfless, because maybe it’s more selfish than not.   I also have no intention of over-spiritualizing this thought, but I do have every intention of enjoying the people God has placed in my life.

I also plan on enjoying life itself.

I believe God gives us one chance in life.  Since I won’t be coming back as an Egyptian princess who spends her days belly dancing, I have a deep desire to make the most of this life.  I know it’s not all about personal pleasure, there’s more to life than feeling good; however, I do think God created an unbelievable universe for us to enjoy.

Many of us who claim to ‘know God’ miss this point.  Somehow we equate being Godly with being miserable.

Think about it.

God gives us wonderful gifts in this life, merely for our pleasure.  He didn’t have to make sunsets for us to watch, or shooting stars to wish upon, but He did.

He’s given us an abundant earth and expects us to live an abundant life.  A life filled not necessarily with this world’s  riches, but enjoying the gifts He has given us.  For many it’s the spouse He brought us, the children He blessed us with, and the world He breathed into existence.

For all of us, it’s the gift of life.

Your collections may be part of what you really enjoy in life, and if so, fabulous!  Not for me.  I want to do more than sit around looking at my stuff.

Maybe I’ll be telling a different story when I’m ninety, but by then my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can bring me loads of junk to sit and enjoy.  Today I’m cleaning house and freeing myself of the unnecessary.

That’s why I opened an Etsy shop.

I know.  It just took me five minutes to philosophize on why I’m having a virtual yard-sale.

Do you ever wish I would save some of these never-ending details for my diary?

My shop is HERE.

I would be super-appreciative if you would help me pass the word along.  Like mention it on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter), or maybe Facebook, or your blog.  It’s a big favor, I know.  I’d love to return the favor if you need my big mouth to blab about anything.

So if you can and do, Thank you.

To everyone else, thanks for sticking with me on this post.  You deserve an honorable mention just for reading.

If any of you do the shipping thing often, I’m open to advice on reducing shipping costs.  Right now they seem excessively high, but they are actual costs for Priority Flat Rate boxes at USPS.  I’m open to suggestions.

Thank again!

Enjoy today, tomorrow, and everyday – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It will be an abundant life.


25 thoughts on “My Evolving Philosophy on Life & Living

  1. gretchen from lifenut

    I also like milk glass. And carnival glass. And vintage mismatched plates on my walls. And and and.

    I am right there with you, wondering why, wondering when I will be satisfied. Satisfaction doesn’t come from these things. It’s an elementary concept a child can grasp, but I am easily swept up and away.

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  3. Mom

    God taught me this same lesson over the last few years. Your comments “Mom, it is just stuff” helped me as I kept downsizing from a smaller place to an even smaller place and finally down to one room. It is “stuff” that sometimes drains us of energy, money and affection; instead, we can gather up the affection and energy (sometimes money, but not always) and shower it upon those we love.

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  5. Becky

    I am SO all over this. I don’t know how long you have read my blog, as I have not seen you comment before (thanks for stopping by the way … and commenting so I could come over here and meet you) but we have recently moved from Florida to NC to IL, all in a matter of 9 months.

    We started with a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 car, 3,000 sq foot home in FL with every closet full. WE downsized to a 1200 sq foot townhouse with no kids tagging along and all their stuff gone. Then we moved to Chilcago to an 800 sq foot apartment with one bedroom and one closet.

    We have downsized and downsized and downsized. It feels GREAT!! I love the freedom of not taking care of stuff. I love the freedom of not storing stuff. I love the freedom of knowing everything I own is something I use and enjoy and want to have. All of the rest is gone.

    Simplicity. Abundance. They are not opposites.

    Great to meet and read you.

  6. jennifer

    Ouch! You stepped on my toes with this one. My house is a mess right now because we have so much stuff and I don’t have time to deal with it appropriately,

    And don’t EVEN get me started on my garage.

    I’m going to think about what you’ve written. I definitely needed a nudge today.

    Be blessed Fringe Girl!

  7. debbie york

    You are at your best when you shoot straight from the hip or in this case from the heart of the matter. I’ve been doing the same thing for the past year and it’s driving poor ol’ Cat Daddy crazy…he can’t stand change.
    I’m considered the “keeper of the cr@p” by our family and let me tell you…there are some things I wish my mother had gotten rid of. Now I have to make the decisions as to what to do with all this stuff that is “family heirlooms” and guess what…no one else in the family wants it either. Goes to show, they should have spent their money on vacations!

    1. Pam

      The post was wonderful, and the previous comment about family heirlooms is SO where I’m at right now. My dad passed away a few years ago and my Mom moved to a smaller house this summer. We spent months going through her house and attic, dealing with heirlooms, childhood toys and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. It didn’t take long for me to figure out “but this should stay in the family” translated to, “I don’t want to deal with it anymore, so it should stay in YOUR family.” That made it much easier to be ruthless. Mom came to visit recently and was appalled when I pulled out great grandma’s glass pitcher for iced tea, but I refuse to have a bunch of things in boxes in the attic just for the sake of “keeping them in the family.” If it came home with me, it’s going to get used!

  8. Susan Evans

    Maintaining “stuff” really does weigh us down in this culture. I want to be deliberate in how I use my time. God has promised us abundant life, and we are too distracted to take it.

  9. Sara

    Awesome post!! I read the book The Gift of an Ordinary Day recently, and it made me want to get rid of almost everything in our house and enjoy the simplicity of live lived fully. My husband thinks having furniture falls into the simple life, so I didn’t get rid of everything (or really, anything yet) but I feel like my spirit is becoming less cluttered, if that makes sense. And, I’m feeling much less inclined to sneak seasonal Target dishes into the house!!

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  11. LeAnn

    Sweetie I think you just explained what I’m dealing with right now. I got rid of all my milkglass, donated it. I want less of me and more of GOD, I ain’t gettin any younger. I have felt the Holy Spirit come over me and I am making some changes. It’s not about stuff. I have spent way too much time fussing with my house to the point of ridiculousness. No more. Good luck on your etsy shop. And if you want to sell anything I gave you, that is fine with me, it would not hurt my feelings whatsoever.



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