In The Morning

Apparently I don’t like mornings.

At least that’s the word on the street.

When the phone rang at 8 a.m. yesterday morning, I made no move to answer it.  FringeMan, off because his shipment of lights was not shipping on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, answered the phone.  When he hung up, he looked at me with a smirk and said, “So and SO (except he said her first name) said to have you give her a call when you’re up and about.”

Presumably I was still in bed.

I was, but that’s not the point.  I was fully awake and semi-alert; however, I could have already been actively awake for three hours hand washing delicates and scrubbing floors with my toothbrush.

It was assumed I still lay in bed like a lifeless dog.

I was on holiday people!

I was having a dream.

After all, it was the theme for the day.

To add insult to injury, FringeMan sketched this picture of me today.

In the morning.

I was awake, but only semi-alert.

He’s not an artist.

Living in shame,


12 thoughts on “In The Morning

  1. Jenn

    I don’t know…..based on pictures I have from our college years, I would have to say that FringeMan’s drawing is pretty accurate.

  2. Mom

    Some things never change! Were you ever a morning person? Oh, yes, I remember.
    I guess you are making up for all the lost sleep when you were a baby!

  3. InspiredDreamer

    LOL, that reminds me of the trick I learned from my mom–to go from sound asleep to answering the phone in a voice that makes it sound like you were on your fourth batch of cookies whilst darning a hem on your new skirt and vaccuuming, all while singing a lively ditty. Even if they were calling at oh-dark-hundred in the morning. 🙂

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  4. Sara

    My husband isn’t a morning person either, nor is my father. In fact, while my husband is in Chicago taking some classes for his doctoral program, one of the prayer warriors at our church has her phone alarm set each day for 6 A.M. so she can pray for him to get up and get going!!

    My dad is a teacher and one of his former principals used to give him first hour plan because he’s so grumpy in the morning!!

    Not that either of them would admit it either. 🙂


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