She’s Such A Nerd

I’ve given way to my inner nerd.  At least that’s what FringeMan thought when I padded up the stairs, computer in hand, to spend the evening browsing through books.

It all started the other day when I read this post and  discovered Goodreads.  Masterminds from all corners of the earth converge in cyberspace to discuss books they’ve read, books they want to read, and well, books they’ll probably never read.  Basically if it’s in print, you can have an opinion about it.

To me a good book is like a little cloud of heaven bound in a neat 265 pages.

I’d be a fabulous candidate for a Nook or Kindle, but I am not sure I can live without book covers.  Do they show book covers?

I admit without a smidgen of shame that I judge books by their covers.  I can’t help it.  I’ve had a real fondness for pictures ever since I was in kindergarten.  Some things never leave you, you know.

So now that I’m in good standing with my library (I found the box of cd’s on their shelf, thank you), I am equipped with a stack of books and a canister of Swiss Miss.

A perfect cup of hot cocoa requires 4 tsp. of Swiss Miss and a shot of vanilla & caramel creamer, the real cream creamer.  If nothing else, I make a mean cup of instant cocoa.

Don’t be jealous, some of us just have extra culinary gifts.

I also wanted to chat about my new blog layout.  Have you noticed?

I know the change is about as subtle as the Fourth of July at 9 p.m.  This lovely lady sent me a tweet asking if one of my kids made the artwork in my header.

No, that would be me.  Yes, that’s right.  I took off my nerd hat, put on my artist hat and Wal-lah!

I’ve created a blog design that is udderly fantastic.  Requests for cows are pouring in from every region of this green earth.  It’s moo-velous.

Ok, I’ll stop.

On a serious note, I even added a flicker photo-stream on my sidebar.  It was a nightmare, but I summoned the strength of my inner blog designer who paints cows and makes hot cocoa, and pictures appeared.  Who knows, I may even get fain-cy with my extra pages.  We’ll see what happens.

Here are my questions:

Do you love it?

Like it?

Hate it?

Are you blinded by the colors?

Did you want to spit coffee at your screen when it popped up a weird blue-ish color?

Would you like to see something on my blog that’s not here?

Tell me what you love about the layout of your favorite blog.  I doubt I can incorporate your favorite feature, but what the heck, tell me anyway.

One more thing…I promise to wrap this up soon.  Really.

It’s just that I’m practically famous now.  I wanted to tell you that if you’d like an autographed cow, I’ll be signing them in a town near you.  Or not so near you.  Well, maybe I’ll just have to mail the cow.  Either way, the domestic fringe was featured as one of the Top Evangelical Blogs.  You can read about it here.  Yes, I’m as surprised and delighted as you!

Now in the words of one of histories great pigs…

That’s all folks!

Have a Happy Weekend.  I’m going out tonight!

Insert Happy Dance here.


15 thoughts on “She’s Such A Nerd

  1. Hat Chick

    I noticed the cow (I think you should submit your artwork to Chick-fil-a) and colors and love them both. Please expound on the hot chocolate with caramel please. That sounds heavenly.

    Congratulations on your blog feature. That’s awesome!

  2. Kristin@ Bringing Pretty Back

    I love the new blog ! The color is great!
    I will say , I am a little jealous of your hot cocoa making skills!
    I know just what you mean… I want a kindle or nook, but I love to hold a book in my hand … !!!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Jenn

    I’m still of the mindset of reading a book with pages. Maybe one day I’ll attempt a Nook or Kindle, but not yet.
    Another good website is You list 10 books that you no longer want to start, and you get 2 credits. Each time someone requests a book from you, you mail it and just pay the shipping and you get another credit. If you see a book you want, just request it. The person who has the book mails it to you. It’s pretty cool.

  4. robinaltman

    Love the new blog lay out and colors! It’s so bright and cheerful!

    Some Kindle books have pictures and covers. I am totally in love with my Kindle. Or maybe it’s that I’m in love with not having piles of “to be read” books all over the house. I hate stubbing my toe on books.

  5. Marlene

    Very eye catching. I am a friend of Caprik, so know all about you-no not really, but that’s why I am reading your blog because she has COOL friends.
    I LOVE books-old, used, new and library books. I have a whole collection and many to still read. I did get a Kindle for Christmas and it is easier on my eyes to read and I bought a cover for it. I still will not part with books though; I am a book lover from my childhood, because my mom bought me books and encouraged me to read. Thanks for sharing the Goodreads Web site.

  6. Charming's Mama

    My sister, an avid reader who swore she would never own a Kindle because she liked the feel of a book, got herself a Nook Color for Christmas and love, Loves, LOVES it! Most of the classics are free and you can even check out books from the Library on a Nook.

    I do like the layout.

  7. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I dig the layout! Love aqua. And cows! 😉

    So, I had good intentions of coming over here earlier today to say congrats on the Evangelical blog thing. 🙂 But that just didn’t happen…

    So now, I’m here to tell you this: You just won my giveaway!!!!!!! Lucky number 112. 🙂

  8. Cathy

    I love my Kindle and don’t miss holding a book at all when I’m reading it. Of course, the books I review are still just books, so I do both. Yes, you can see the cover of the book on Kindle, but it’s just in black and white.

    Hope you have fun going out tonight!

  9. Debra

    Yay you! Congrats on your new status in blog land. 🙂 I like your layout and I new it was your cow as soon as I saw it because I read And I commit them to memory. 😉

    p.s. I’d rather hold a book in my hand than a kindle. Just sayin’.

  10. snowflakes2hotcakes

    Hi, there! I’m a new follower. I THINK I found you through the Raising Homemakers Homemaking Linkup, but I’m not 100% sure. Just know I’m glad I did b/c you make me laugh, and we think alike. 🙂 My friend and I both joke about how we judge books by their covers. I also looked at your good-reads profile and we like a lot of the same books! 😉 Hope you have a great day!


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