Inspiration in a Horrific Stephen King Sort of Way

Every day I struggle to balance the desire to write with my lack of raw talent.

Back in the days of pigtails and knee socks, my grandmother handed me a few sheets of paper or even, during desperate times, a paper plate.  She told me to write a story.

I now realize little me writing a story for twenty minutes was so much better than little me talking for twenty minutes.  Nonstop.

My family is smarter than they first appear.

Like most children, I dreamed up crazy professions for adulthood.

My doctor phase didn’t last long.  I realized I could self-diagnose without twenty years of school.  My private investigator phase lasted a little longer.  It peaked when after declaring the corner house on my street a money laundering hotspot, the police swarmed and knocked down their doors.  I deserved a junior citizen’s medal of spying honor, even if they laundered drugs instead of money.

By the time I packed my bags and headed to college, I wanted to write for a newspaper.  I doubted my ability to write anything as long as a book, but surely I could scribble out a single page story.  After all, reporting is merely recounting facts.   I thought.

Two years into a Commercial Writing major, I not only doubted my ability to write a one page article,  but I doubted my ability to write my name and address.  I wasn’t failing, but none of my teachers loved my writing

I am average.

Since average writers don’t get paid, I changed my major to straight English.  Sadly my faculty adviser still lacked confidence in my ability, but I was half-way through the tunnel.  Light shone through the other side.  My father would kill me if I quit.

I graduated.

I still wanted to write, but fear stopped me.

Then I began blogging.  After telling a few stories, I forgot my teachers only gave me B’s.  I wrote.  You laughed.  You encouraged me in the comments, and I wrote some more.

Blogging is great, but my dream is to see a book with my name on the spine sitting on a shelf in Barnes & Noble.

I want that book.

I know two things for certain – 1.) I must write in my voice.  The voice I found by blogging.  2.) I must write what I know, but more importantly what I love.

Those rules may sound good, but they are vague, idealistic, and they lack inspiration.

I’ve sorta known what I want, but I didn’t know how to get it, and more importantly, how to get it on paper.

Until yesterday.

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s book, On Writing.  Whether you love or hate Stephen King makes no difference, the man knows how to write.  Well.  On Writing isn’t a novel, but a book on the craft of writing.

In short, I’m inspired.  I know what I want to write.  I am writing.

I’m tempted to share some snippets with you, but are sneak peeks taboo?

What do you think?

Either way, I am sharing my inspiration today.

If you want to do something, do it.  Ignore the voices saying you can’t or you’re not good enough.  Don’t worry about failure.  That may or may not come   You’ll never find out unless you try.  I don’t even think success or failure is as important as trying and actually completing the task.

If it’s running a marathon, run.

If you want to write a book, write.

If you want to create original art, paint.

Or sew. Or draw. Or photograph.


Just get it done.

I am writing.  When I am eighty, I want to give my grandchildren a book with my name on the spine.  If they don’t read it until after I’m dead, who cares!  If nobody likes it, their loss.  If it never gets published, I’ll have it bound myself and I’ll get an extra copy to give to my grandkids.

If it does get published, I’ll send a copy to my faculty advisor from college.

What’s important is that I write.

What are you going to do?


16 thoughts on “Inspiration in a Horrific Stephen King Sort of Way

  1. bridgesburning

    It feels a bit strange to say this, but reading this tonight at this exact time 9:51pm is exactly what I needed to hear. I have spent weeks thinking about this very thing and asking a question that you just answered.
    I am new at blogging so still getting my sea legs, or balance or whatever it is. My writing over the years has been a frustration and a passion…almost like unrequited love.
    So just to let you know when I give my list of thankfulness each morning from now on you are on it!!!

  2. Rachel

    I would like to advise you not to let anyone have a sneak peek, but what I really want to say is that I don’t think you should pay one bit of attention to what college faculty advisors say. Conflicting advice, yes? 😉 Happy writing! I’m so glad you found inspiration!

  3. David

    Writing in your own voice about what you love. That sounds like something I want to read!

    I too want an autographed copy! Do you take PayPal? I’ll put in my pre-order now! 🙂

  4. Mindy

    Well, look at you! (and your long, curly hair) I do believe you are singin’ my song. Follow your heart. You are good. And your insides are good, too. I look forward to every day with you…even if I have to catch up every couple weeks! (eeek!) ~Mindy

  5. MissCaron

    GOOD FOR YOU! I have zero inspiration to actually sit down and write my thoughts. Mom thinks I should get a voice recorder and then let someone else write them down but who would do that for me if I can’t pay them? LOL I do have the title though… “BUT NO ONE TOLD ME!” All about my life as an employee at the University. We’ll see if it ever actually happens. Would be a good one though. Can’t wait to read yours!

  6. robinaltman

    Shows what your faculty advisers knew. Here you are writing a blog that attracts tons of readers who all love your writing. Silly advisers. Put me down for an autographed copy this minute!

  7. Marlene

    I too found my writing voice on my blog. My husband says I should write a book; not sure yet but will definately read Stephen King’s book, because I just recently read about it. What I want to do now is sew. I want to make a t-shirt quilt because I have been saving all my t-shirts for years. I use to sew-20 years ago. I have never made a quilt. I am one step closer-I bought a sewing machine. I anticipate your book. Start writing!

  8. debbie york

    I’ve got my dog-eared copy of his book and he knows of what he writes!
    When you really think about it, I don’t think Margaret Mitchell or Harper Lee took any writing classes and they probably broke every rule about what not to do…BUT…look what they acccomplished. You can too…I believe this with all my heart and I’ve said it from the first time I sat and read something of yours. You got IT.

  9. Jill

    I”ve got that same dream of a book with my name on the spine. I’ve got ideas and I’ve got a voice. I no longer have time to write. I’m thinking when I’m old and have great-grandchildren, maybe I can dictate it.

    When yours is published, I want a copy. I would probably even be willing to pay for it. : )


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