Your Cow Is In The Mail

I was just about to take my cup of sugary tea, curl up in a corner, and succumb to the battle of the bugs waging a war in my body, when I got my very first request for an autographed cow.


Sarah Cannell  email me your address.  The cow is in the mail.  You’ve made my Thursday worth living.

I wonder if Picasso is jealous of me now?

I just realized the FringeFamily is deep in the throw of the great potato famine of 2012.  I know it’s 2011, but ‘famine of 2011’ doesn’t have the same ring.  Besides, if there happens to be a potato famine in 2012, I will be rocketed into the limelight for my spud prediction.  Autographed cows will be flying off the shelf.

You wait and see.

Because of the potato famine, I find myself cooking meals with rice and pasta; however, I need potassium.  I am low, so naturally I assume my children and husband are also low.

No potatoes = No potassium

Bad me.

Not only am I reeling from no potatoes, but I also have no bananas.

Apparently if one wants to raise their potassium levels, they must grocery shop at regularly scheduled intervals.  Right now I’d rather eat the two year-old bag of dried beans over Ramen than go grocery shopping.

It’s one of those days.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this photo, but I think it’s hysterical considering we are buried under several feet of snow in the northeast.  We have also sustained temperatures only Eskimos wrapped in seal skins can survive.

If I’ve offended you by mentioning seal skins, try being an Eskimo.  That’s all I have to say.

For a slightly higher fee, you can persuade me to assemble your snowman.

Here’s hoping your evening is warm.


15 thoughts on “Your Cow Is In The Mail

  1. Hat Chick

    That unassembled snowman is totally funny. I don’t know how you live in all that snow (I say the same thing to my sister, Delaweird…guess where she lives). Move South! We would love to have you in Big State!

  2. Artswebshow

    lol, now that is a great idea for a business.
    I cant imagine you having a quiet lawn for the next few days.
    You could monopolise on this and sell stylised carrots for a additional fee. lol

  3. Sara

    It truly is a great piece of art. Very fun and uplifting. Oh man, we have had so many bugs this snowy, cold winter!! My husband has some sort of mega infection at the moment that seems intent on moving in. Ugh!

    So, your previous post totally convicted me. I’ll have to check out King’s book. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I keep finding excuses not to. Maybe it’s time to let those go. I don’t know…

    Keep writing! And when your books done, I’ll take an autographed copy of that! 🙂

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  5. Laura

    Is this Sarah Cannell from Canada perchance?? If so, she’s a good friend of mine, too funny!! It’s a small world.
    ps. your cows are great.

      1. Sarah Cannell

        There is something so intergral to life when you have a dancing cow framed on your wall. And autographed.

        Reminds of those Far Side cartoons when all the cows chat after a car passes by. They probably dance too.


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