Writing is Like Playing Dress-Up

I have a mutated germ, a hybrid crossover of tuberculosis, the flu, and a common cold.  Last night I sat in bed sopping my nose with one hand and reading a book with the other.  I read blogs until my coughing made my screen blurry with mutated germ spray.  I figured it was in poor taste to sneeze on my cyber friends, so I opted for a real page-turner and about finished Stephen King’s On Writing.

I fell into a restless slumber, continually disrupted by fits of coughing up my left lung, only to wake at 4:20 am with the thought, I Must Write.  In my feverish opinion, writing for magazines is a little like playing dress-up in my daughter’s room.  If I want to be a ballerina, I simply twirl in my tu-tu.  If I want to be a doctor, I throw on a white jack and prod a bear’s ear.  If I want to be a good mommy, I rock a baby doll.

Magazines want experts.  If you want a magazine to purchase your writing, you must be an expert.  So before the sun rose, I checked to see if my stretch-marks still cut a path across my abdomen, and I became an expert on cultivating creativity in phantom children.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I took inspiration from my cow.  Now you can’t wait to read it, right?  I know.

Despite teetering on the brink of pneumonia, I feel accomplished this Friday.  I may only have a rejection email to show for my blurry-eyed efforts, but at least I did something.

Now it’s past noon, my house is filled with four children that sound like forty, and I’m making maccaroni and cheese.  I have high hopes for this weekend.  My son’s birthday is tomorrow, we have a road trip to an Awana competition tomorrow, and I am expecting a house full of boys on Sunday.

Maybe I’ll wear a party hat and become an expert on kid’s birthday parties.  Who knows.  The possibilities are as endless as my stretch marks.

What will you do this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Writing is Like Playing Dress-Up

  1. Hat Chick

    So sorry to hear you have been gripped with the flu. Good luck with all the activities you have planned. You are a better woman than I am. I would be hiding under the covers.

    We are scouting,churching and doing charity work all weekend (oh yeah, there may be a lacrosse practice thrown in somewhere.)

  2. Cathy

    Hope you’re feeling better soon and you have a great weekend!

    Don’t know what I’m doing this weekend. Just flying by the seat of the pants and going with the flow. ha!

  3. adventuresofamiddleagemom

    I’m writing. Okay, right this second I’m not because I heard your blog post plop into my email box and I had to see how you are doing. That said, I am now going back to writing.
    I figure if I can write regularly for my blog, I can write regularly and create a fictional world. So I’m gonna try, just like you.
    Have a fun-filled, article-inducing weekend, Fringe Girl!


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