Bringing Hope to The World, One Cut at a Time

Finding a good hair stylist is as difficult as finding a good husband, exactly why I went about eight months without a hair cut.  Then my mother, feeling sorry for my pathetic mop, gave me a give certificate for a conditioning treatment.

I’m a lot like the Sahara Dessert.  I have a very dry, crackling surface that expands with each winter.

Not. a. good. thing.

I didn’t want to waste good conditioner on hair so dead it wouldn’t be revived in the second resurrection, so I got a hair cut.  First.

In an effort to help ensure the success of the pruning process, I went through agonizing task of blow-drying my not so golden, but kinda gray locks.  Suddenly a fantastic idea sailed through one ear and lodged itself in the right front lobe of my brain.

I can take before and after pictures.

Because what woman does not enjoy when some celebrity stylist walks the streets in search of a poor, middle-aged, haggish soul?

The transformation makes hearts sore with the hope that help can be had for the right price.

I wanted to give you hope my friends.

The before photos – splendid.

I just scrubbed my face with apricot sand, then moisturized.  What better time to take a photo?

The before shot – scrubbed raw, shiny, exposed, lifeless, dull.

I’ve totally found my niche!

I should become a ‘before shot’ model.  Why didn’t I think of it sooner?

I floated in to my appointment, blown by the hot air of hope; however, my stylist quickly sliced through my hope with her scissors, sharpened to devastate and decimate.

Snip! Snip. Snip!

I sat looking into the mirror with a cape draped over my shoulders and pile of hair in my lap.

All I thought was, Now how am I going to get a good after picture?

Too often my thoughts show up in my face.  I knew my stylist noticed, because she said, “Don’t worry!  It will be better after the conditioning treatment.”

Apparently I forgot the lesson of the spiked bangs on Easter.  You can read about that cut HERE.

The conditioner was fabulous.  Thanks mom!  Imagine the Sarah Dessert experiencing a monsoon.  That’s how my hair felt, and I had no umbrella.

Thankfully I have somewhat curly hair, so I can mask a bad cut.  I think I’ll be wearing my mask for another eight months, give or take a tendril.

Oddly enough I really like how this stylist cuts my mother’s hair.  I guess next time I need a hair cut, I’ll just borrow my mother’s head.

I know, I know.  You want pictures.


Celebrity stylist, my schedule is flexible.  Anytime you need a sucker volunteer to be made over, I am your girl.

Why are ugly pictures so dang easy to take?

When I saw this picture, I realized how much I look like my brother.  Except I have hair.


Ok, so I’m not bring as much hope as I once imagined.

What can I say?  This is as good as it’s gonna get my friends.

Now forget the hair.  I want to show proof that my counter is clean.  Sometimes.

Every picture I post has a terribly messy countertop as a back drop.  Once in a while, I do put things away.

My spell check just told me ‘moisturized’ is not a verb.  I must have a male spell-checker.

As I  scoured my archives looking for a link, I ran across these picture of my kids.  The post is titled Bad Hair Days.  My kids were so little and cute once.


14 thoughts on “Bringing Hope to The World, One Cut at a Time

  1. patti

    FringeGirl, you are so fun! I’m glad I stopped by…and wish I’d thought of such photo ops when I went to my superb, life-changing stylist…last week!

  2. Joan

    I’m sorry but your haircut is not bad! Not even close. You look great! And even with what you call a “bad” haircut, with adorably curly hair like yours, you can hide just about any so called bad hair cut. Now, if you had super, straight hair…..

    My vote is… You look fab!

  3. Jill

    I had no idea your hair had gotten so long, but even then its got that possibility of the sexy toss over the shoulder thing going for it. And I think it turned out great in the after picture. But then, I’m partial to curly hair because mine is going to be curly whether I want it to or not. : )

  4. Marlene

    Since I am not a close and personal friend; I have objectivity. The whole blog made me laugh, in fact, it made my day. I love the pictures before and after but we ALL have a “thing” about our hair. I only like mine for about one week in the middle of the haircut cycle. First, it is too short and then one week it looks great and then it is too long. This is what happens when you have short hair. Thanks for the idea for a blog. I will post my before and after pictures next time I get a haircut or clean off my counter….whichever comes first.

  5. Jenn

    WOW!!! You did have some seriously long locks! New cut looks fabulous. My goodness girl, the way you were going on, you’d think you were going to end up with the highlighted bob that you have 3 years ago (which I still happen to LOVE that cut). The way you are standing not smiling in the before picture does kind of make you look like Jamie.
    You really do have counterspace!! Just kidding, I love the wood. You’re a busy person, so of course they will be things constantly on the counter.
    My bangs were annoying me yesterday, so I trimmed them a little bit, along with a little, tiny bit of my front layers… 😉

  6. Cindy

    I was all set to see some seriously bad hair, then there was your beautiful after picture. Your hair is beautiful, and the cut looks so cute on you!


  7. robinaltman

    I think your haircut looks adorable, as do you. But I thought your “before” picture looks cute, so what do I know? Maybe it’s because I like you so much. Therefore, you can’t really listen to me.

    I was smart enough to become good friends with my hair stylist. I tutored her kids when they were young. She’s one of my best buds. And I haven’t paid for a haircut in 12 years! Bwahahaha!

  8. Charming's Mama

    It’s been about that long since I’ve had my haircut too. Maybe I should think about getting one. But the only way I can afford it is to have a gal at my church cut it, but now I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.

  9. Tori Nelson

    Haha! I went almost a year before I worked up the nerve to get a hair cut. IT. IS. HORRIFYING.
    I think your hair looks cute curly! I have stick-straight cat hair, so my last bad cut could only be masked with a headband and a ponytail. I looked like a very manly soccer player for months!


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