Exotic Travel With A Cow & A Bus

Despite any misgivings about raw chicken or fortune cookies predicting my dire future, we are ordering takeout tonight, Chinese style.  It’s been one of those gray, depressing, frigid days of winter.  They shuffle through January and February at speeds slower than my overloaded computer.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not wishing my days away.  I want to enjoy every moment of this age, because soon I will be…older.  I just wish for sun and temperatures that don’t make my toes turn blue with frost.

I checked the weather this morning, looking for a warmer place to visit, but I found the entire country is pretty much frozen.  If you’re in a small pocket of blue skies and above freezing temperatures, please don’t tell me unless you have a spare bedroom.

A few years ago FringeMan and I picked up a movie in the dollar store.  I wish I could say that I am not in the habit of buying dollar movies, but my DVD collection doesn’t lie.  We have enough Beverly Hillbilly reruns to laugh our way through the worst snowstorms.

This movie (I can’t remember the name and I’m too lazy to go look) features a hippy family that packed up their kids and traveled around the United States for a year.  The idea of seeing our great country and giving our kids a lesson in life that is sure to teach them more than any U.S. textbook is tempting.  I mean how fun would it be to see America and visit all of our friends and family scattered around our 50 states?

How can I live without seeing the Grand Canyon, a twister in Oklahoma, and Cali-forn-I-A?

I cannot.

We’re buying a bus, painting a few chickens on the side (or maybe a cow) and touring America!

Do you want us to come visit?

We must stop in Canada too.  I can’t tour America and not take a few extra steps to see Loyalist Cottage, Broken Poet, and my new best friend Sarah who likes my cow.

I will blog from cities, towns, and squirrel holes.  I will introduce you to new and familiar faces.  The FringeFamily will roam the land from sea to shining sea.

Can you hear the music?

“Amer-i-ca, A-mer-i-ca …”

FringeGirl goes mobile!

I’ll have stories to tell until my grandchildren get grays.

FringeMan will preach to the nations at a different church every Sunday.

If only I were independently wealthy…

Well, maybe someday.  I’ll never say never.

Wouldn’t it be fun?

Perhaps tonight’s fortune will say, “Exotic travel will come with cow and painted bus.”

You never know.



13 thoughts on “Exotic Travel With A Cow & A Bus

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  2. Laura

    I am so excited by this! I think the cow is your new Mascot and definitely has to painted on your bus. Remember The Who song Magic Bus? We’re gonna have to work on a parody to be your theme song. Please announce Atlantic Canadian tour dates soon.

  3. Charming's Mama

    You are cracking me up girl.

    You know you can always come visit, don’t have a spare room, but I got a couch and plenty of floor space! We don’t have any snow . . . yet, and the temperature yesterday was 19 but felt like 5 with the wind chill. And I’d proudly let you park your cow-bus in front of the house. No HOA here. Heck, I’d even help you paint flowers on it.

  4. Jill

    Honey, I think you need to stoke the fires or turn the furnace up a little more. Your brain waves need defrosting! : ) You can, however, come visit us in your cowbus. Just don’t park it outside the house because the yard nazis (homeowners association) will send us a nasty letter.

  5. prayersfromthepeanutgallery

    Ok, so you said not to mention it if we live somewhere above freezing with blue skies…but you were going to figure it out anyway. And I do have a guest room, but my HOA would have a fit with a painted cow-bus parked on the street. I love the idea though, and I feel your squirmies about getting out of the cold. I live in the desert, but only for the past year. It’s still my first day, and I’m still “new” here. All of that said, I have a confession: I’ve seen Okie twisters, and I’ve been to CA lots. But we live in AZ and I’ve not been to the Grand Canyon. How un-American is that!?

  6. Dani Joy

    What? Did you lay in bed trying to sleep and dreamed a dream. Well, i like the cows. Hilarious for sure! Go girl you can truck the USA with me!



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