Freeze, Football, and Funnies

My kids have picked up my extremely bad habit of jotting down thoughts.  Maybe this stems from not enough common sense, but we put things in writing so they can haunt us for the rest of our lives.  We make friends and enemies with our written words.  It’s not smart.

FringeBoy constantly makes these little cartoon books.  Once an idea is on paper, it’s off his radar and left for his nosy mother to find.  If I want to know what’s going on inside my son’s head, I just leave him alone with a pencil and a few scraps of paper.  He never intends for me to read, so I can’t share his musings with all mankind and the cat sitting on your lap.  It’s unfortunate.

While scrolling through my two thousand too many photos stored on my hard drive and causing my computer to run at the speed of sludge, I happened upon this note from my son.  It’s a few years old, but made me laugh just as much as the first time I found it resting next to my coffee cup.

FringeBoy is very constitutional, while my daughter is more of the doodle silly things on the back of an empty pizza box kind of kid.

Equally goofy, they are also the reason I cannot think of anything but multiplication tables and aerodynamics this evening.

No real news to report on the Fringe.  I can sum up my weekend in one word – SNOW.

I can sum up my month in one word – SNOW.

My life in three words – SNOW, SLEET, and ICE.

The back of my house is leaking like a rusty faucet and the big melt is months out.  About March, I may start sleeping in a life vest.  Major flooding seems inevitable.  For now we will pick away at the ice jam creeping under the back roof.

I suggested we just knock the mudroom down and crown the Freeze Miser king.  FringeMan’s only response was a dirty look.

Thankfully the weather didn’t interrupt the Super Bowl.  Half our country’s men would have had cardiac episodes.

FringeMan and I considered having a Super Bowl party, but then we remembered we canceled cable in order to save money.  “You don’t think anyone would want to come over and listen to the game on the radio, do you?”  I asked knowing the answer in my heart.

I did not watch the game.

I did not see any hysterical commercials.

I am not terribly sad.

I don’t even miss cable.

I can watch Pickers online.

I do hope your team won!

Tell me about the best commercial.  I may be persuaded to watch it online.

What word sums up your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Freeze, Football, and Funnies

  1. Sara

    Tired. I was passed out on the couch by 4th quarter. My hubby couldn’t even get me up to watch Glee!! That is some serious snoozing! 🙂 I find it somewhat ironic that we’ve invented devices like Tivo to avoid watching commercials, yet one Sunday a year we devote several hours to it.

    On a different note, we’re on our tenth snow day of the season here. While it should make me crazy, I really love it! 🙂

  2. Jenn

    The little boy dressed as Darth Vader. Cracked up! To the Vader’s theme he walks around the house, pointing at objects trying to get them to move (washer/dryer, family dog). His father comes home and little Vader runs out to the car and once again points both hands, fingers outstretched testing his ability to use “the Force”. To his utter amazement (made obvious by his looking back and forth from the car to the house), the car has started. IT WORKED!!! The Force is with Him!!! Screen cuts to a hand holding a car remote and the thumb of his father moving away from the starter button. As the little boy stares at the car, you then see Dad smirking at Mom still holding the remote. Not a word was spoken, but it was the BEST one of the night.


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