My Dog Does Chicken Voodoo

By Laura Conley

I passed out on the bedroom floor near the doorway from being super ill.  I awoke hearing my dog, Hunter, whimpering over and around me.  I couldn’t raise my head, which was face down on the blanket I was wrapped in, dampened from breaking my umpteenth fever.

With all the voice I could muster I called out, “Ray! Can you let Hunter out?”

His reply, “I just let her back in!”

So I realized her cries were the Lassie come rescue type.  She worried about my positioning on the floor, facedown and barely breathing.  I raised my hand and patted her on the head, assuring her I was still alive.  With my face still on the floor, I raised my hand to feel some strange thing by her mouth.  In my dazed and confusion I didn’t think much of it.

Maybe the kids did something funny to her collar and something was dangling from it.

That’s been known to happen.

Maybe her collar frayed.

I felt it again.

I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet that morning.

Hunter continued to make weird noises and prance around my head.  Ray walked toward the bedroom and yelled, “Ohhhhh!  Hunter has a full chicken leg in her mouth!”

It was not the kind your dog might drag out of the kitchen garbage you see.  It was part of a torn up chicken she killed outside.  It was the chicken leg and foot dangling from her mouth.

Ray says Hunter was performing Chicken VooDoo over me.

I am too tired and ill to even be grossed out.

Laura is a friend of mine and she agreed to be a guest on The Domestic Fringe.  She’s full of funny stories, but she’s got her hands full with a husband, three energetic and creative children, and a multitude of pets.  She doesn’t have time to blog herself, but she’s always welcome to share her funnies here.

Feel better Laura!


10 thoughts on “My Dog Does Chicken Voodoo

  1. Sara

    Oh my goodness, that’s so funny! I can’t imagine. I’m curious to know what Laura’s hubby said when he had to clean up that mess!! Also, I’m thinking a heavy dose of antibiotics may be in her future!!


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