Jumping Tiger Mom Ugly

I jumped tiger-mom ugly on my kids this week.  Ok, maybe more like house-cat-mom, but much more ferocious than I was in holly jolly December.

Many of you know I made the radical decision to homeschool my children this year.  I say radical, and it is for some.  Others were born to nurture their children through phonics, times tables, and biology.  I was born to put my kids on the bus, pick them up at three in the afternoon and give them milk and cookies; however, I adjusted my thinking and gave myself (heart, body, and peace of mind) to educating my children.

I won’t go into my reasons, I’ve talked about them HERE.

We studied the ancient world, made Egyptian cat statues, created solar systems from flour and water, painted a few chickens, learned about predicate adjectives, and joined a homeschool group for socialization.  Socialization seems to be the buzz when you talk about homeschooling.  If anyone thinks my children need more socialization, you are free and welcome to come take them for a day and socialize till your heart’s content.

Everything moved along smashingly.

Then came January.

I admit, January almost brought me to my knees and made me scream uncle.  I felt a little like when I was seven and my uncle Wayne would half put me in a headlock, half sit on me and make me say something stupid like “I have slug cooties, toxic breath, and glowing freckle orbs all over my face.”

We had enough snow to build an army of icy men and saw the sun maybe twice.   Besides, after Christmas vacation, who wants to get back to school?  Not me.  We pushed through the month like the plows push snow through our street, with slow determination, bribery, and hot cocoa.

I knew we needed a change.

I developed cheetah spots and grew my nails.

No, not really.

I did buy a package of Spanish flash cards and we are learning a new language together.  I’m actually brushing up on the language that almost made me spend five years in a four-year college, but we are having fun with it.  My son wants to learn more than how to say “I went to the store and bought a blue and white sweater.”  He want to say things like “You are fat and smelly.”  I think I’ll dangle insulting phrases like a carrot in front of a donkey just to keep him enthused.

We also started playing more games like Banangrams.  We need some fun to break the monotony of our four walls and three grumpy faces.  Thankfully we accomplished more than necessary in our first two quarters of school, so I don’t feel bad about spending time playing games, reading fun books, and watching episodes of Liberty’s Kids.

I jump Tiger Mom ugly now.

We started an afternoon exercise routine that would make Jillian Michaels pat me on the back and say “Burn those buns Baby!”

Before you applaud my trembling fat, understand, this exercise regimen is for my children, not me.  I am the couch coach, cheerleader, motivator, and sponsor.  They need to dispel their excess energy and playing in the snow is not enough.

Yesterday my daughter pierced my heart with looks that would make a mommy grisly shudder, but today she managed a total of fifty-five sit-ups without once shedding a tear.

I applaud her.

She’s praying for a new mommy right this minute.

It’s a new month of homeschooling, and we will not only find ways to survive this winter’s cabin fever, but we will also attempt to enjoy ourselves.

How do you made it through the winter’s long days?

Are you also jumping Tiger Mom ugly in some area of your children’s lives?


12 thoughts on “Jumping Tiger Mom Ugly

  1. marytoo

    I am a veteran (26 years) homeschool mom. My kids are all grown up and moved out now. I am very, very glad I did it. And, I am very glad I am finished.

  2. Lorie

    She’s praying for a new mommy right now? That cracked me up.

    Hang in there. I homeschooled my daughter from third grade through graduation. It’ll get easier. Wait. No it won’t. Just kidding. It will.

  3. Beth

    You’re forgetting that tigers have two other qualities in common with you–patience and adaptability! I’m impressed by your dedication to your kids and your honesty when the going gets hard!

  4. Mindy

    I love bananagrams! Keep the faith! You’re doing a great job! I have no clue what I’m doing to survive. Oh! I’m having parties, at my house or at the store. That keeps me busy! ~Mindy

  5. debbie york

    Home school or public school…at some point they all want new mommys! I don’t know how you do it girl. When I had to help my kids at night…I broke out in a rash and developed the DT’s and I didn’t imbibe! Hey…maybe that was my mistake trying it stone cold sober!
    Keep pushing…spring is just around the corner. Leastways, I sure hope it is.
    P.S. When you home school, does teacher get a spring break? I think she may be needing one by then.

  6. Debra

    “She’s praying for a new mommy right this minute.” That made me laugh out loud! 🙂 I know I couldn’t home school. I can say that now ’cause my kids are finished. 😉

    1. marytoo

      I am a veteran (26 years) homeschool mom. My kids are all grown up and moved out now. I am very, very glad I did it. And, I am very glad I am finished.


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