One Request On My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

I’m not a monkey!

I live on the Fringe and I’m about to binge.

Saturday is officially my birthday.  It’s too bad Lincoln was born first or else my name would appear on your calendar.

Friends are watching our children while FringeMan and I enjoy a nice dinner out.  Not at Friendly’s.

I’m going to say this once, please DO NOT REPEAT!

Thirty – Six

It’s closer to 40 than 30 and that freaks me out, but I feel like I am only twenty-six.  The girl at the coffee shop in town doesn’t believe that.  She claims my children are too old for a twenty-six year-old.  My youth, betrayed by the fruit of my very womb.

What is a mother to do?

Leave her kids home.  That is what she is to do.

What do I want for my birthday?

Thanks for asking.  I want you to leave me a comment telling me where you are from.  I recently received an intriguing comment from a woman in Persia.  She said Persia is Iran.  I’ll just take her word for it, because I can’t even find Wyoming.  That’s why we have GPS.  Well, I actually don’t, but I should.

So, I would love to wake up tomorrow to a hundred comments naming exotic locations all over the world.  Imagine how good that will make me feel.

You can lie.

Blessing to you!



43 thoughts on “One Request On My Birthday

  1. Joan

    Happy birthday missy. This year I’ll be turning 50 and I am quite pleased about it.

    So, I’m from Nebraska BUT! I was born in Japan and I’m half japanese. Is that exotic?

  2. caprik

    Happy Birthday!!! 36? You are a MERE CHILD!

    I am over here in so not exotic south east Michigan. Also known as the depressed Motor City.

    But I am originally from Palo Alto, California, which is a good deal more exotic than a Mitten.

  3. Ferree Hardy

    Happy Birthday from Erma Bombeck land–Dayton OHIO! But I’m originally from –(drumroll . . .) Weyauwega, Wisconsin. Oh ya! Not an exotic palm tree in sight, but lots of squeeky cheese curds, don’t cha know.

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Happy Birthday! You are supposed to be frozen on 29! Didn’t they teach you that? My wife has been frozen on 29 for… 15 straight years now………yikes!! Happy Birthday!! Youngster!!

  5. Susan F

    Happy Birthday!

    Exotic locations huh? I was born on a train in the middle of the Utah desert. I don’t however still live on a train. Dagnabit!

  6. Kim

    Happy B-Day from Elk River Minnesota. Nope, we don’t have elk here, but do have the Mississippi River! (I don’t even remember what 36 felt like!)

  7. Rachel

    Happiest day of being birthed from the most exotic place north of Chattanooga, east of Nashville, west of Asheville and south of Lexington…Knoxville. But wouldn’t it sound mire glamorous if a said nestled in the blue tinged foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains? Yeah, that sounds better. 🙂
    Have an awesome birthday and eat tons of cake and ice cream!

  8. Mom

    I am from exotic Yonkers which you so nicely described as the armpit of NYC. But you knew that!!!
    Happy Birthday to my girl!!!

  9. Jill

    First off, stop whining about being 36! : ) You big baby! Happy Birthday from someone who is a bit older than you are. I’m from Chicago, Illinois by way of Detroit, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Huntsville, Alabama, Tororo, Uganda, and finally Orlando, Florida. We stopped moving because I gave up my goal of having a kid in every state. : )

  10. Laura

    Happy Birthday from the exotic far away lands of Canada (eh!).
    May a beaver never cross your path and a slapshot never break your front window (or knock your teeth out).
    ps. my hubby is 36 years young too!!

  11. debbie york

    Born and raised in McKinney Texas…but my mother was born in Frognot and my daddy in Ticky Creek (actually Climax, but TC is close by and sounds better!). Is that exotic enough?
    Happy Birthday a day early. I’ll be out tomorrow and I wouldn’t want to let the day pass without saying you don’t look it!

  12. Robin

    Happy Birthday from the exotic arctic land of northeastern Ohio! (Sorry I couldn’t do better — be more exotic — than that for one of my first comments on your blog.)

  13. David

    Happy birthday, Tricia!

    I was born in McAlester, Oklahoma, but I was too young to remember living there and think of that mostly as where grandma and grandpa lived.

    All of my schooling from Kindergarten all the way through High School was in Garland, Texas so I call that “where I’m from.”

    Now I live in Rockwall, Texas, which is just a few miles from Garland. Garland is considered part of the Dallas metroplex. Rockwall is kind of on the eastern edge of it.

  14. Expressmom

    I am from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.
    I am soon moving to Djibouti, Africa.
    Have a happy happy Birthday!

    Oh wait, you are moaning about turning 36!
    Sorry, I am 41 and you just lost any sympathy I may have had for you.
    So, I will now admit I am not from anywhere exotic, just Massachusetts!

  15. Tori Nelson

    Happy Happy birthday, Queen Meme!
    If you like pastures and camo-clad men with heavy southern drawl, then my lovely spot in West Tennessee could be considered quite exotic!

  16. Amber

    We share a birthday Fringe Girl!! I’ve been reading for a year now and had no idea that we were birthday twins!! Happy birthday tomorrow, I’m turning not-thirty (29) and wish I looked as great as you do at thirty-six. You’re rockin it girl!


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