Discovery – How to be in 2 places at once

Don’t we all wish we could be in two places at once?

Today I am.

You can visit me over at Type-A Parent. I’m talking about ways to cultivate your child’s creativity.

Remember when I was silent for two weeks?  It’s was a miracle!  Not only a silent night, but a silent day – about 15 to be exact.  (I made up 15.  It could’ve been 14 or 16 for all I know.  I’m not a very exact person.)

During my silent time, the FringeFamily escaped the Arctic Tundra for a few days and went to visit my mom.  We surprised her.  Then my aunt and uncle surprised us and we all had a nice loud dinner, because my family is loud.  Me included.  I think we’re all part deaf.

While we were gone, we took in a show – Gnomeo & Juliet.

We saw it in 3-D and it was cute.  The Buddy Holly glasses are the best part.  FringeMan is still wearing his.

You can learn some lessons from Gnomeo and Juliet.  My son gleamed this message:

If you fight with your neighbors, it will always turn out good in the end.

I learned:

Never use to too many lawn ornaments.  One day that pink flamingo will get bored and turn on you.

The political friction between red and blue states can be bridged through marriage.  Democrats must marry Republicans.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, namely a privacy fence.

And my daughter, the smartest of all of us, learned:

It doesn’t matter what color you are, you must treat others with love and respect.

The End.

Come visit me at Type-A Parent!


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