Attacked by a Nutter-Butter eating…

You remember my post from not too long ago when the FringeFamily was being stalked by a super-intelligent mouse with illusionist characteristics, don’t you?

If not read My Husband Didn’t Marry an Ax Murderer, but then come right back.  You really will need some background info on our rodent escapades.

About two days after the post where I vowed to go all ax-murderer crazy on the mouse, we caught him.  Sweet success.  Just to be certain he wasn’t running in a gang (I’m not sure how I know it was a he, but it was), we left the remaining traps lying around the house emitting tantalizing peanut aromas.  Nothing.

I danced around the house in relief.  All dreams of life-size rodents ceased.  No more scratching.  No more scardy-cat hearty-tacks.  No more mouse.  I lived in ignorant bliss.

Until today.

Sunday night in Awana, my daughter got a Nutter-Butter.  After one lick of the chocolaty coating, she rejected the snack and gave it to my son.  For reasons only known to pre-pubescent boys, he drops the pre-licked Nutter-Butter into his Awana bag.

Fast forward three days.

Last night, he threw the Awana bag on the floor in his room with just about every piece of clothing he owns, winter and summer.  Then he slept.

Today he comes running out in horror.  His Nutter-Butter was licked again, but this time from long-tailed, four-legged rodent, presumably a mouse.

I’m existing in a petrified stupor.  Please look at this hole chewed through the bag and tell me the culprit is a simple field mice.

I may need animal control to support me, but God helping me, I will get this beast, even if it costs a pack of Nutter-Butters.


15 thoughts on “Attacked by a Nutter-Butter eating…

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  3. BeckyJ

    I. would. dieeeeeeeee!!! Eeeeek! I’m thinking rat-poison-laced nutter butters all over the house! Ok, not practical, but it’s tempting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. patti

    Oh, mmyyyyy. Nutter Butters haven’t been in my radar screen in over a decade, maybe two!!!

    And neither have mice:)

    Good to be back in the fringe!!!!

  5. Hat Chick

    Go on a nutter-butter rampage! And make sure you are washing your hands til you kill those suckers. My parents had problems with field mice and somehow my sister ended up with an intestinal parasite from them. The medicine was $200 to cure it and was basically a poison!

  6. Expressmom

    Please forward my “THANKS!” to FringeBoy. He will my example. I apologize that he will be my DON’T example. But, it may be the only thing stops my own piggy little angel from dumping half our pantry onto her bedroom floor!

  7. hillary

    Agh! That’s awful! What a nightmare. I hate knowing there’s something non-human in my house…eek.

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    You can’t sacrifice an innocent bag of Nutter-Butters!! That is cruel. Feed the beast anything else…but not the Nutter-Butters! 🙂

  9. prayersfromthepeanutgallery

    I would have carried the bag to my son and told him next time he didn’t have the chew through the bag.
    Yikes, whatever it was clearly wanted to get through the bag and leave room enough for his butt to back out again. Double yikes.


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