If I Ever Learn To…

It’ll be a miracle if I ever learn to take a descent picture with my auto-focus camera.

You’ll have to forgive my lack of talent.

I’m about to show you what a woman does who is snowed in for too long.

She paints five layers of polish on her nails.

Isn’t it cool though?

I used China Glaze CRACKLE Polish in Broken Hearted or PINK for us simpletons.   The base coat is Finger Paints Art Dealer Teal-er.

How fun is that?

Now please ignore the fact that I can’t paint in the lines.  I also hope you’re not looking too closely at my hands.  I have snake skin.  I drink lotion, but nothing works.  My hands will get normal again in summer, if it ever comes to the North East.

Go visit Laura from Broken Poet.  She’s a brave and talented woman who paints her nails on camera.  She’ll tell you all about it, but she uses Chanel.  If you have more than $4.99 to invest in your nails, buy Chanel.  I’m certain it’s superior.

For now I’m digging the wackiness of my crackled nails.  Who knows, maybe I’ll sponge paint them next.


12 thoughts on “If I Ever Learn To…

  1. Laura

    I like the pink crackle! My store is trying to get it but it’s not available in Canada yet! Thanks for the sneak peak.
    And, it may not smell like roses, but have you ever tried foot care products on your hands? A thick foot salve will do wonders for your hands.

  2. Sara

    Cool look! I didn’t even know they had such things. It’s funny, but I actually had an extensive dream about painting nails last night. How weird is that? In my dream, it was a lavender-ish color.

    I get snake skin in the winter too. Sometimes my hands actually crack open and bleed!! In the past, I’ve had to go get prescription strength hand cream and/or steroid cream. Craziness… I have found that the lavender baby lotion does work very well. I used to keep it out on my desk at school and my kids loved it too!

  3. adventuresofamiddleagemom

    Love the crackle finish.

    OPI has a black crackle polish out, but I have yet to find it for my 17-year-old. Katy Perry influence and all, ya know!

    Re the snake skin, Eucerin cream (not lotion) and gloves to bed; scare the daylights out of the hubs!


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