The Most Boring Person Ever

This week I am the most boring person ever.  My highlight post is the crazy crackle nail job.  How very sad is that?

It’s just that life is standing completely still in this first part of March.  I’m actually taking the kids to the mall later just to get some exercise.  I’ll be the one wearing the sweatband and racing grandma to Macy’s.

I won’t really wear a sweatband.

Sigh in relief.

I am determined to purchase a piece of exercise equipment before next winter.  I like a treadmill best because they are versatile – walk, run or crawl.  Unless I start skiing every  weekend (I’ve never actually been skiing), it’s impossible for me to get any outdoor exercise.  Walking anywhere cannot happen until the big melt.  Our roads are half their normal size making walking in the road dangerous (not to mention lack of visibility from snow mounds), and sidewalks are an icy, slushy, mess (the walks that are actually shoveled).

We are turning to Jello and not the good kind.  We’re a flavor like pistachio.  We look similar to moldy brain ooze.

We must ooze out of our front door now, exclusively.  The snow, ice pack is slowly sliding off the back roof, making walking to the car a suicide run.

You might think I am using this spare time to clean the closets, eliminate the dust bunnies multiplying under my bed, or just being creative, but I am not.

I’m more like a big red bathrobe clad bear slowly rubbing winter’s sleep from her eyes.

Only I haven’t used up winter’s stored fat.

What have you been doing with your March?

To completely change the subject…

I’d like to begin reading some memoirs.  Any suggestions?

Note: All photos were taken a couple of weeks ago while visiting my mom.


18 thoughts on “The Most Boring Person Ever

  1. Susan F

    Not really a memoir but a really good read anyway. The Lady’s Maid by Margaret Forester. It is the story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s maid. It was an intriguing glimpse into their lives.

  2. caprik

    “I’m more like a big red bathrobe clad bear slowly rubbing winter’s sleep from her eyes.” HA!

    I am enduring March and I have read no memoirs. I am also continuing in my fat storage program.

  3. Kelly

    I had a treadmill. Then my knees and ankles started aching. So I ditched it and bought an elliptical instead – no impact. Exercise w/fluid movements, more of a workout because you move your arms back and forth with the handles. Check out an elliptical – you’ll be glad you did!

  4. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Spring needs to hurry. the heck. UP. I’m so with you.

    Also, I want a treadmill, too.

    Also, I am currently reading A Girl Named Zippy. I read Clarence Thomas’s memoir last Summer and enjoyed it. I have a thing for memoiry things.


  5. robinaltman

    I don’t think you’re boring! I had the day off today, and I spent it eating and reading in bed, food shopping, and then going to get my hair cut. I plan on dying in obscurity.

    I just window shopped on Amazon for Kindle books, and there were tons of cool sounding new memoirs. Unfortunately, I don’t really like memoirs, so I nixed them. But if you like memoirs, go check them out!

  6. omega57

    What is it about March., the tease? She burns hot and cold and it is tiring with all the wind and rain especially today, I just put on my PJ bottoms when I got home at noon and some of these cold days recall I must get dressed sooner that later but am engrossed in a book or a blog. I recommend the following:

    A JOURNEY My Political Life by Tony Blair
    Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas and Timothy J. Keller
    John Adams by David McCullough
    Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt by David G. McCullough

    These are not all memoirs excepts Blair’s book. However, should you find yourself short of memoirs to read, these are high quality biographies. Enjoy the rest of the month!

  7. Deb

    We are sooo alike. 🙂 I’ve read memoirs but I can’t think of any, isn’t that terrible, my brain has turned to goo. 😉 Oh wait, Margaret Thatcher (boring) Jimmy Carter. I must go and look. 😉

  8. accidentalsouthernmama

    Hmmm…this March I’ve started substitute teaching. I keep thinking about exercise, but then I think of something better to do…like read.

    As for memoirs, Obasan by Joy Kogawa is quite interesting. It follows the true story of the author through a Japanese Internment Camp during WWII and how her life developed afterwards. Quite good.

  9. Megan

    Uh…yea! I’m glad I’m not the only one having a similar kind of March–minus the snow. (I’m so, so, so, so, SO thankful I’m not waiting for a thaw-out!) I literally just asked myself, “What have you accomplished today?” Other than volunteering in my daughter’s class and writing a blog post, I don’t have much to show for the past eight hours that I’ve been awake.

    “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls is my favorite memoir. This month my book club is reading Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy’s new book, “In a Heartbeat.” Of course, I haven’t started it yet. I’m too busy counting ceiling tiles…or something.

  10. bridgesburning

    Boring you are not! The crackle cracked me so to speak.
    For me March has brought some critical decisions to make and I am waffling severly. One moment I make one decision then change my mind all within a second. I am lacking direction…
    The last two memoirs I read were; The Dali Lama and Howie Mandel’s. Howie’s is short, cute and very touching. The Dali’s…well have not read through the whole not holding my interest but did learn some new things about him.

  11. Jill

    You make boring sound interesting. Who else would not only say they resemble jello, but would go on to describe the kind of jello they resemble? : ) Hope some warmth comes your way soon!

  12. tooboots

    Hey, crackle nail polish is BIG, our local Ulta is already sold out. And, hey, sometimes it’s ok not to be involved in a big project…I like to think of it as refection time. BTW, I’m in the middle of reflection time 🙂


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