Spring Shopping this Fashion Friday

Isn’t it interesting how quickly topics change on this blog?

I like to think it keeps things from getting too boring.  Others may say my blog lacks focus, is too random, and will not build a readership when everyday is written for a different audience.

I say, oh well.  Although, I could stand a little more focus and little less random in my life.

Since it’s Friday and women across blogland host Fashion Friday posts, I figured I’d steal their ideas jump on the bandwagon.

I actually went shopping for some spring/summer clothes.  I’ve been prepping my husband for months.  It’s not that I never shop for clothes, I do, but it’s usually only when we are desperate.  Desperation is now!

I like to shop.

Retail therapy is very real; however, I’m a little odd because I don’t need to spend money every time I shop.  The act of choosing cute outfits and trying them on in too small fitting rooms with too bright of lights is enjoyable for me.  I’m not even sad when I return my cute outfits to their proper places and leave the store empty-handed.

For me shopping, not buying is therapeutic.  In fact sometimes the actual buying, spending money, gets me a little stressed.

I don’t know how you plan your wardrobe, but I buy a few outfits and then wear them out.  By wear them out, I mean they get threadbare and holy and reduced to sleep/house wear.  It’s a budget thing, not a noble ‘live simply’ thing.  Just being honest.

If money were not an issue, I would buy closets full of clothes and way too many uncomfortable shoes just because they are cute.  For me, that dream life is not today’s living and I’m content.

Every Wednesday The Pleated Poppy hosts What I Wore Wednesday. Tons of women photograph their cute outfits and then link a post showing what they wore for the week.

I like snooping around to see what people are wearing, but I’ve never participated.  I’m afraid you’ll think I don’t wash clothes when I show pictures of me in a t-shirt, sweater, and jeans on Monday and then I show another picture of me in the same outfit on Saturday…week after endless week.

I promise I wash in between!

Wow.  I am long-winded today.

All that jabber just to show you a few jewels I purchased!

Here goes…

This is my granny gypsy outfit from H&M.  The skirt goes to the floor and has old lady flowers on it, but for some unknown reason, it spoke to me.  I like it and it’s terribly comfortable.

Don’t tell Stacy & Clinton!

Better yet, do tell.  I wouldn’t mind $5,000.

It’s all very lightweight and I’m sure it will be nice and cool when the temps go from thirty degrees to ninety degrees in July.

July – a blessed month.

To complete the summer gypsy look, I bought this set of bangles.  I cannot resist $2.99 jewelry sets.  My husband is so lucky I’m not that into diamonds.  I’m a female anomaly.

Oh, and don’t worry.  Just because I look like a gypsy, I will not steal your children.  Any more laundry would find me in a psych center.

This next set comes from GAP, on clearance.  In my frigid part of the world, sweaters never go out of style, and this is a spring sweater, not a winter sweater.  It’s so thin, I can see through it.  The blouse is sleeveless.

I should worry that my arms aren’t gym approved, but I think the flab gazers will get over their shock.

Can you handle more?

I bought this top in Charlotte Russe.  It looks better on the bod then on the hanger.  I visit that store because I like their jewels.  This time I did not partake of their bounty.

I also bought one more light sweater and I think it may be my favorite item…also from Charlotte Russe.

I love the gathered elbow length sleeves, the scrunched trim, and the light floaty fabric.

That’s my loot!

My daughter wanted to quit shopping after she tried on clothes from one store – ONE store.

I’ve failed as a mother.

As a result, this is THE only outfit she’ll have to wear this summer.  None of last years clothes fit.

That tie belongs in the back, but I’m a lazy photographer.

And last, but not least, my son is sporting his new Ewok t-shirt from Old Navy.  I can’t get it off his body.  I’m afraid the budding stench will burn a whole in the cloth.

If you’ve stuck this post out, I commend you.  I want to promise tomorrow’s blog reading will be better, but in good conscience I cannot.

I do have a tip for you.

Before shopping, always Google printable coupons for your favorite stores.  I arm myself with coupons before hitting the mall.  Most major stores have them.  I had a 40% off coupon for the GAP and a 15% off coupon for Children’s Place.  I had a coupon for Old Navy too, but my son’s t-shirt didn’t cost enough to meet the requirements.

Coupons are a good thing.

I’m linking to Fashion Friday at Musings of a Housewife.  Go visit for real fashion advice.

Happy Friday!


14 thoughts on “Spring Shopping this Fashion Friday

  1. Jenn Calling HOme

    Oh wow! I have been away too long! I love what you’ve done with your blog…and cute clothes! I have to confess, I do not love shopping, because I rarely find anything that looks good or that I can afford. But on a recent weekend trip to Seattle, I visited my favorite little shop called Romy. For some reason, I have good luck there, plus it’s inexpensive. So, like you, I have some fresh spring attire.

  2. hchybinski

    my fave fashion posts are the ones that show real clothes and real people in their clothes! =)

    i am loving that striped Gap cardigan – I saw it on the clearance rack and could NOT picture a way to wear it. . .LOVE how you put it together! =)


  3. adventuresofamiddleagemom

    Wow! You shopped well for yourself. Congrats!
    My teen daughter is so busy with sports and school and work that I have resorted to photographing/sending her the photos of potential clothes for her. I just did that at Sports Authority today; she’s the proud owner of a new yoga outfit.

  4. Deb

    I love everything you got! FringeKid’s outfit looks pretty cute too. L had/has to go to every.single.store. before she buys anything. Count your blessings! 😉

  5. Megan

    I love finding cute clothes/shoes and (especially) good deals, but I HATE shopping. It’s so frustrating: you spend hours trying on things that look cute on a hanger but hideous on the body. If there was one store where I could guarantee that the sizes always fit the same (meaning, I wouldn’t have to take 3 sizes of one piece to try on), then I would enjoy it a little more, I think.

  6. Charming's Mama

    I sometimes feel that way about my blog too. Some days I’m sure its suffering an identity crisis.

    Love the new clothes. Several weeks ago I needed to find something to wear to a wedding and took my 4 year old son with me shopping, funny thing is, as long as we were looking at stuff for him, he was content to be at the store but as soon as we started looking for something for mama, the whining started. Kids!

  7. Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog.com

    I love that you’re mixing in fashion here and there on the blog! And I really love that Gap shirt and sweater combo. Funny how retail therapy can be so – well – therapeutic.

    What are your suggestions on explaining why shopping (and general care of appearance, etc) is not about getting swept up in vanity and is instead an innately feminine desire (for lack of better words – and in moderation, of course). I was attempting to explain this to a male friend the other day… my argument helped but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Interesting question. I’ll have to think about it, but I daresay by nature, women are gathers – food, clothes, homegoods, etc. We are drawn to pretty like moths are drawn to light.

  8. Tori Nelson

    I think we might need to rename your blog “From Pole Dancin’ To Purses”… LOVE IT! You are quickly becoming my daily guide to life outside my living room 🙂


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