Blissful Denial – Good for You?

I awoke this morning determined to greet Monday as if she were a Friday.  So far, it’s working, but I’m only one cup of coffee, one sick kid, and one school lesson into the day.  It’s hard to determine if this will be a passday or a failday – not for my kids, but for me.

Since I’m settling quite comfortably into my little world of denial, I wore my summer shoes yesterday.  All day.  Only two emerald painted toes have lasting frostbite.

If you don’t think people notice your feet, wear a pair of summer shoes when there is frost on the ground and snow in the shade.  People notice.  It’s nearly alarming, considering my usual footwear.

I’m quickly falling in love with the wedge.  Why, oh why haven’t I chosen a wedge before this spring?  They are supremely comfortable.  I gladly name the wedge my shoe of choice.  Added lift without cause for fractured ankle alarm.  It was love at first step.

Anybody notice how late Easter is this year?  I admit, I don’t mind.  Perhaps it will actually be sunny and warm this Easter, given it’s April 24th due date.  We are happily planning to Easter in Queens with my brother-in-law, his fiance, and her family.  I should be on a crash diet, considering my soon-to-be sister-in-law is a pastry chef.  My fat quivers at the thought of dessert.

Easter 2007

On Palm Sunday, we decided to have a gaggle of college students over for dinner.  There is a college nearby with lots of live-in students.  It’s fulfilling to host a dinner with a crowd of people who are happy to be served anything cooked.  I’m simply praying that God expands our walls or at least allows them to stretch like rubber bands – rubber bands with no bounce back.  I can’t imagine the chaos of a bounce back.

Since I’m attempting to create a meal plan before Palm Sunday Eve, I have a question for you.

What would you cook if you had, oh, let’s say twenty or so (college students seem to multiply when there’s food) people over for dinner?

Now, please remember, I’ll be in church on Sunday before this dinner.  I must cook ahead or at the least, have crock-pots slow cooking a chicken dance.

Since it’s such a special day, I would like to celebrate with a tummy fare a step or two above my classic hotdog/chili/mac & cheese dish.  After all, it is Easter!  Almost.


12 thoughts on “Blissful Denial – Good for You?

  1. Megan

    I used to cook for college kids every Wednesday night. Since we were on a super-tight budget it had to be both cheap AND easy. That usually meant some kind of pasta (spaghetti, lasagne), chili, pizza, baked potatoes with the works, etc. Are you wanting something a little “classier” than that since it’s Easter? Maybe throw a brisket or a roast into the oven? If you slow cook it in a oven bag, it should stay tender (and warm while you are at church). You can make sides in advance (deviled eggs are a cheap side during Easter season).

  2. H-Mama @ Family Team

    so i should try the wedge, then? flats have been my life for the past 2 yrs running between ballet, piano, and various field trips. but you make them sound like i could be a totally hip mama. 😉 personally, i’m glad easter is running a lil’ later this year.

  3. Hartford

    Love love love the wedge heal!! I think they are amazing, stable, and stylish. It’s like wearing a high heel while feeling like you are wearing slippers. Love them!

    Go denial go!!!

  4. caprik

    I think I would go the pasta in the crockpot route also.

    I saw 2 people at the store yesterday with flip flops on. It was in the 30’s. They had very nice pedicures though.

  5. Mom

    From past experience, teens to young adults don’t care what they eat as long as it is good and there is lots of it!
    Make it easy on yourself, and prepare ahead so that you can spend time with your guests and not in the kitchen. Buy a few dozen eggs and some coloring kits and let them enjoy decorating Easter eggs!!
    Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill (put them to work with a spatula and apron) with maybe potato salad, mac salad and a big green salad has always been a hit when I have had young adults over for dinner!
    Enjoy the time with time and let them leave wanting to come back…

  6. Heather

    When I am cooking for a large number of people on a relatively small budget I normally toss together a large crockpot of either chili or spaghetti (normally one small batch of vegetarian and one large batch of meaty type. You can cook the chili and/or sauce the night before, as well as the spaghetti if you like–just heat it up quickly in a pot of hot water the day of.

    Oh. And garlic bread–cheap and quick and never fails to impress the college kid crowd.

  7. robinaltman

    I’d put a ton of meatballs in the crockpot, and make spaghetti. I’m considering having a party for people on “my team” at the RTF I work at, to show my appreciation for them, and that’s what I thought I’d make.

  8. Jenn

    I say the potatoes and ham is a great idea. Or you could do something like ziti or lasagna. You could assemble it ahead and then toss it in the oven when needed.

  9. laura

    Sadly, I have no advice for cooking a meal for that many people. But I did want to say that I love your daughter’s hat in the pic you posted. I used to have one like that when I was little.
    Enjoy you denial, I’ve been wearing summer sandals at work for over a week now!

  10. accidentalsouthernmama

    Hmmm, with 20-something college kids I would probably throw in a large scalloped potato with ham chunks in it. Might be a little more cost effective than trying to serve enough ham to feed that many students.


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