Tossed Like a Load of Dirty Socks in The Spin Cycle

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I’ve been feeling a nudge lately and uncharacteristically decided to pay attention before the whopping kick in the backside.  Sometimes it’s the “still small voice” that penetrates my fog, but more often than not, getting my attention requires sky writing from the finger of God himself.

I’m thick like that.

In the beginning of the new year while everyone was making resolutions and picking words to focus them (like ‘Intentional’, chosen by Megan), I decided to live abundantly this year.  Armed with John 10:10, determination, and cup of hot cocoa, I stormed 2011.  Only, I’ve gotten off course.  February found me not having time to write, frustrated with homeschooling, wanting an army of friends and family to come whisk me away to anyplace warm, and depressed over my extreme case of cabin fever.  March hasn’t been much better.

That ends today.

I’ve taken inventory and I’m out of the good, sweet, and fat-free.  I need a total overhaul of everything from poor eating habits to managing my laundry.  I get thrown off course way to easily.

James 1:6-8  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

I’m wavering.

Not in my faith, but in my service – my actions.  In my heart and mind I’m resolved to do one thing, live one way, and accomplish one goal, but my actions run amuck by noontime.  I’m tossed like a load of dirty socks in the spin cycle.

I’m missing my mark – Abundant Living.

Barely surviving, half-heartedness, things undone, wasted time, squandered days, harsh words, hardened heart, split-second decisions, lack of self-control, inability to say no, poor management, hopelessness – these do not equal an abundant life.

It’s time for me once again live like who I am – an adopted daughter of the almighty God, set free from sin and death, and called to live a life holy and acceptable.

Before you say anything, I realize not every day of this new year has been a wasted or defeated day.  Not at all.  But, I can do better.  I must.  What I do affects not only today, but also tomorrow.  It changes me and also my husband and children.  We cannot live our lives without touching others.  I want my touch to positive.

I don’t want to merely speak a bunch of empty words, allow my thoughtless actions to hurt others, or carelessly squander time that could be productive.  I want to be deliberate, love with abandon, trust with faith, and work with fervor.

I want the abundant life.  Anything less is not good enough.

What about you?  Has your year been good enough?


Sharing The Love

A few great blog posts I’ve recently read: Intentionally Intentional Successes and Fails, Telling Myself No, What Makes Men Romantic,  and What It Really Means to be Free…ok, just one more – Wifey Wendesday: Should we be upset when our husbands are tempted?


13 thoughts on “Tossed Like a Load of Dirty Socks in The Spin Cycle

  1. Stephen Biggs

    Abundant Living, what a huge topic& a massive challenge. I’m 35 years into trying to unlock this in my own life, the one thing I’m almost sure of is that it isn’t about trying to be better (we can never reach Christ’s standard). It might be about BEING rather more than doing. Being who God intended you to be, rather than working for approval.
    That scripture in James is a BIG challenge, real Christianity is so much more than doing & trying, it’s all about being turned upside down by an awesome God & His awesome son, being Spirit led not “naturally led”. Sadly I’m still in the foothills on this Abundant Living, but we will know all about it one day soon…..

  2. Charming's Mama

    Gosh, me too. My year so far mirrors yours. I also read “Telling Myself No” and I am going to get that book.

    Hugs FringeGirl, ya know I love ya mor’n my luggage right?!


  3. Jill

    I think one of the keys to abundant living is to reassess things every once in a while. Resolutions are a good idea for the new year, but most of us need to rethink, recheck and re-resolve more often than every January 1st. Toss those dirty socks back in the washer, load in the soap and start the cycle over again! : )

  4. Tori Nelson

    I needed this post today. I have been in the Funk, feeling like things are getting done or I’m not where I need to be, lately. We can all use a refresher!

  5. Hartford

    I feel your pain and frustration. I relate to not always “walking the talk” and giving into laziness; not living the lifestyle I know I want to live. It’s tough to stay motivated every single day to living abundantly (whatever that means to each of us). But as my husband and I always say “let’s try not to look back and just focus on getting back on the wagon and trying again!” No time for guilty or blame, just nod and smile and keep trying…

  6. Heather (Adventures in Womanland)

    “What’s a comeback without a setback?”, I say. We are, after all, human.

    More often than not, you could call me Israel during the time of the judges. “God, I need you.” (Worships idols.) “God, I need you.” (Worships idols.) Rinse, repeat. While my idols are not golden (I can’t afford that), they do come in the frosted and creme-filled varieties (I CAN afford that!).

    It’s time for your comback, girl! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  7. Deb

    This is a great post. I’ve been looking for a word this year and have come up blank. Abundant living is hard work isn’t it? 🙂 I don’t feel very abundant either. 🙂

  8. Amber Pamper

    Usually by 4pm the defeated feeling comes slicking in because I haven’t done 10 things on my to-do-list and I haven’t read my bible yet, haven’t exercised, haven’t called someone to wish them well. And by 4pm I usually am ready to start winding my evening down. It’s a daily defeated feeling that I have to choose not to let get me down. I try my best and serve my Lord the best I can and that’s that. 🙂 Of course I could do better but I am looking at where I came from and how I gotta climb the abundant living ladder slowly or I will fall and crash into a pile of nothingness. Thanks for the encouragement though. 🙂


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