A Lesson From My Car

“What’s wrong with the car?” I nervously asked my husband.

One hand gripped the seat and the other held on to the door handle while our car fishtailed through three inches of slushy snow. My husband pulled over, attempting to locate a mechanical malfunction while brushing persistent flakes from his face.

“I don’t know what it is.” He said. “We’ll just drive slowly. There’s nothing we can do right now.”

Night settled across the sky, our thirty minute drive stretching to sixty. Emergency lights blinked out a S.O.S at twenty miles an hour. I prayed. I prayed we wouldn’t plummet over the cliff’s edge so close to the road. I prayed our kids would live to see gray hair. I prayed I would get to wear the new summer blouse I just bought.

I thank God each day for His protection. Turns out we had a bad tire. The bad tire plus the swirling snow and slush covered roads caused each of our back tires to pull in a different direction. A car cannot move forward when each tire treads its own way, pulling free of the others.

I’ve been thinking about how so many marriages are just like the tires on my car. Each partner pulling in his/her own direction and getting nowhere.

……………………………………..This is a partial post. To read more click HERE.

I’m over at Adding Zest today.  Come visit!  I’m getting lonely.

You may think I’m neglecting my blog, but really I am I’m not.  I just can’t talk in two places at once.  Actually I can, but I’m too lazy to post twice in a day.

I’ll be back here tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “A Lesson From My Car

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Your analogy is so true. Glad everything turned out ok with the car. A bad tire in snow is not a good combo.

  2. stretchingmytentcords

    From one of your “wrinkled with time” readers: Successfully going through tough times,such as renovating your house, does make your love grow strongerfor your spouse. One just has to remember to continue to keep the D word out of their minds when going through those tough and frustrating times. This will keep those “tires straight” and from coming out of alignment and going in “different directions”. The blessing is that as you overcome and your marriage gets strengthened; each new “bump-in-the-road” gets easier. Good post!

  3. Lee Ann L.

    For some odd reason, the link to continue reading would not work. But thankfully, you mentioned the blog you were at. So, no worries! I searched for the adding zest blog and found it! Excellent read and thanks!


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