I’m giving you the super-sized nuggets.

I guess I could have split this post into several bite size nuggets, but I’m giving you the whole super-sized nugget pack.  We’re talking the McDonald’s twenty piece.  Did you want fries with that?

  • This week I realized that if I were an attorney, I would be a public defender.
    • My kids, especially my daughter, are intrigued with the book Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up.  To be honest, even I’m reading the book.  There’s a lot to learn from poop. I didn’t think those words would ever come from my mouth.

    • This weekend I solidified my position of ‘Biggest Dork in NY’.  I’m tempted to say in the U.S. or maybe even in the world, but I hold out hope that there are those dorkier than myself.  I actually purchased this bike-less cycle thingie for about $20.  It’s my attempt to right the wrongs of a fat plagued world.  Or maybe just my fat plagued world.
    • So far I love it.  My feet don’t fit in those stirrups though, so I flip them around and use the stirrupless side.  I’m talented like that.  However, I did warn my feet to go on a diet…or else.  Because I have no carpets, this little contraption slides, so I push it up against a wall and then plant myself on a chair within reach of the pedals.  Now my chair slides.  I guess I can live with scooting up every ten minutes or so; however,  I did consider screwing a two-by-four into the floor behind my chair.  It’s not the most stylistic move, but it would solve my problem.
    • I’m wondering if I have the kind of face that invites ridicule.  On Saturday two complete strangers made fun of me.  A very random man passing me actually stopped to comment (in a corny way) on my freckles.  Yes, I have spots.  Perhaps I should wear a sign that reads, “I’m Part Dalmatian.”  The second culprit was a kid working in Wal-Mart.  I’ll forgive him, because he was kinda funny.  I just find it interesting that people outside my circle of family and friends think it’s ok to make fun of me.  I must not look very menacing.  I’m going to work on my mean face.  Next time you see me, I’ll look like this…

    • I’m in love with the American Girl movies.  My daughter and I watched Kit Kittredge and Felicity.  Both great movies.  I’d definitely recommend them if you have a little girl.
    • I’m thinking about starting a new blog day – Thankful Thursday.  No real rules.  The title says it all.  Would you be interested or is there already something like this going on in blogland?  If you know of something, please let me know.  Or if you’re interested, let me know that too.  If enough people are interested, I’ll put up a linky.

    Now that the nuggets are done, you need apple pie.  Or maybe cherry?

    I promise not to serve up the twenty pack of nuggets again anytime soon.  I guess I just had a lot to say.  Or maybe I’m craving McDonalds?  No, definitely not that!

    Excuse me while I go make mean faces and pedal my way to a fat-free existence.


    15 thoughts on “I’m giving you the super-sized nuggets.

    1. Megan

      Hey! I’d read that poop book! Looks interesting…

      As for American girl movies, “Molly” is also very good. We also have one of the newer non-historical girls (Clarissa, maybe?) which focuses on bullying. Not our fav, but it’s okay.

    2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

      Happy Pedaling! The bike will make the pounds come off! And Thanks for putting the vision of a 20-piece nuggets in my head! Gah! Now I’m starving! 🙂

    3. robinaltman

      Loved the nuggets! Yes, I’d like a large fries with that.

      Thankful Thursday would totally go against my whiny, ungrateful soul. Would I have to be a nice person? If so, forget it. What about Whiny Wednesday?

    4. Marlene

      I LOVE your nuggets and freckles because I HAVE freckles and they really come out in the sun. In Florida, I am one BIG freckle!! When I was a kid I used to try to get them off with lemon juice because kids in school always mad fun of them. You would think it would stop when you are a grown-up! But no, people still mention it.
      I would love Thankful Thursday. I need something inspiring for Thursday.

    5. Charming's Mama

      I could be thankful of thursdays, but I wouldn’t dare commit to every week, especially since the lack of blog worthy happenings around here lately and my lack in blogging lately. I could rant and rave about the injustices of the world, but that’s not really being thankful.

    6. Jill

      The nuggets were good, although I could use some bbq sauce with mine. : ) I’d like a picture of you using that bike contraption. I’m often shocked at how total strangers feel free to make personal comments. I would never do such a thing! : )

      My comments weren’t a 20 piece, probably more of the four measly nuggets they put in a happy meal.

    7. Tori Nelson

      This will sound horribly fat of me, but this post made me super hungry! I think I need to work on my mean face, too. I get the feeling even my toddler thinks I’m kind of a joke! Any tips?

    8. LJ

      We watched the Kit Kittredge movie the other day. I liked it. S lost interest after a bit but she is only 3. I thought you were going to do a segue on the mandatory school hot lunch.


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