Sunshine May Save The Day

Good day all.  I do hope you’re in the mood for random.

There is so much actual work to be done today, but this morning’s sunshine is already tempting me to abandon all duty and go play.  I mean is my bathroom really that dirty?  Do we really need clean clothes??  Clean dishes?  I can buy a pack of paper plates.

My daughter is reclined on the couch reading, because she’s an invalid and cannot possibly do Math today or any other subject that requires a pencil and writing.   You see, last night her brother accidentally chopped a portion of her finger off with a pair of scissors.  The details of the accident are still fuzzy, but late evening play-doh was involved.  I only know I awakened to the cries of my daughter in the middle of the night.  She sat in bed with a runny face and a previously bandaged digit lifted, a finger sacrifice to siblings.

I’m a bad nurse in the wee hours of A.M.  A shot of Advil and a kiss on the head is all the injured can expect from my unconscious self.

Oh, no!  Latest word is she cannot even read for the pain.  Hmm…a morphine pump is probably out of the question.

I think this was all a ploy to get out of multiplication tables.  Yesterday afternoon she looked up from 7 x 356 and said, “I have three Math books.  My teacher had one Math book for the whole class.”

I nodded trying to ignore the girl I birthed.

“Did they [the school] give you this book?”  She pointed to one of her three Math books.

I shook my head no.

“You bought it?”  She asked in shock.

I shook my head yes.

“Why would you buy THREE Math books?”

I shrugged.

The bad thing about homeschooling is the lack of  people to blame for things like excessive Math.

My son…oh, my son…he doesn’t mind math a bit when it’s making him money.  I’m not sure if he’s a charlatan or an entrepreneur, but the neighborhood kids are officially swindled.

Yesterday I got the “Do carnival’s or fairs have more games?” question out of the blue.  I should have smelled the gears of his mind burning hot, but I absentmindedly said, “carnivals.”

Is that true?  I have no idea.  My key to parenting is answering questions like I’m Google Answers.  Full confidence makes all the difference.

In the warm sun of late afternoon, my boy took his carnival to our side yard.  He charged eager children twenty-five cents a game.  The prizes?  Old cheaphappymealthrowaway toys.  It reminds me of the time on the school bus when he sold three Oreo cookies for two dollars.

Is there a fifth grade course in Business Ethics?

Both my children have a terrible case of spring fever.  I mean, they were begging for seeds in Lowe’s last night.  In their minds, they turned our patch of a yard into garden club worthy showpiece.

Have you heard of Purple Tomatillos?

No?  Well, we’ll be growing them in May-June.  We do live in the land of ice and death, so planting is late.

On the way into Lowe’s, I took a good gaze at my daughter.  Heavens!  Has she been dressed like this all day?  I thought.  Too late to care, we’d already been to McDonald’s, the library, and the grocery store today.

FringeMan snapped a shot with his phone.


Those are shorts that I did not buy her.  The sweatshirt tied around her waist should have been warming the upper half of her body since the sun already set and temperatures dipped back into the 40’s.  Really?  I’ll quite talking.  There is no explanation for this outfit.

So today, sunshine may rule supreme.  I’m not sure we will accomplish much.  I hope the crowd coming for dinner Sunday doesn’t mind my pets – the dust bunnies.

Happy Weekend to you!

Oh, wait…Do you like my new header?

I posted it on facebook last night and someone said, “I think it is a perfect representation of your family! Except that you and John look a little too normal!”

Hmm…are we too normal for reality?

Na, we just look that way!


19 thoughts on “Sunshine May Save The Day

  1. Marlene

    When the he sun is out and it is warm-I even cancel appointments. Just love to soak up the rays. Where is spring? Are we going to by-pass it right into summer? Oh hurry up! I can’t wait much longer!

  2. robinaltman

    Love the new header! I like your daughter’s outfit. You just watch. She’ll be a famous fashion designer one day. She’ll design tees that match rain boots. “Then pull it all together with some droopy shorts,” she’ll add. We’ll all be dressing like this.

  3. Sara

    Love the new header!! It’s been warm here for most of a week, and we have been basking in it. I’ve given my inherited third graders 2 recesses, rather than just one. We need sun!

    Love the pic! Your daughter looks very proud of her fashion choices. You never now, that could make it down the runway this Spring!! 🙂

  4. laura

    ha! I had the same thought about the header, the pic of you and your husband is just too nice,lol.
    Your kids crack me up. At least your daughter was somewhat colour coordinated. And, please keep your son away from me because I would definitely give him $2 for an oreo if the temptation was there.

  5. Mariza

    Hi Tricia,

    I just found your blog! I like your sense of humor. “I took a good gaze at my daughter. Heavens! Has she been dressed like this all day?” This made me laugh! Maybe because that has happened to me.
    I’ll add your blog to my favs.

    – Mariza

  6. Deb

    Your daughter is hilarious! She’s following the beat of her own drum which is a good thing. 🙂 “Motherfail” I just can’t stop laughing.
    Did your son sucker er get any takers for his carnival? 😉

  7. bridgesburning

    First..I love the outfit..Fringekid is just ahead of her time!
    Second…I believe you just make friends with those dust bunnies. They are easy to take care of – no feeding or care.
    Third….GREAT POST and LOVE the header. Don’t worry any attempts at looking normal are just plain amusing!

  8. Jill

    I absolutely love your header! And FringeKid’s clothing choices. The kid cracks me up. My kids also show up in public (or at church–the horror!) occasionally looking like they were attacked by rummage sale bandits with a thing for theatrical costumes. I typically shake my head and comment, “I wasn’t home. Their dad ok’d this outfit.”


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