My Almost Done Bathroom

FringeMan and I may be the slowest home renovation duo in our country.  Is there an award for that?

We don’t mean to gut a bathroom, live in the wreckage for three months, install a tub, live in the wreckage for three months, hang a light, live in the wreckage for three months, but we’re mighty proficient at living in the wreckage for three months stalling.

Judging from the spots on the faucet,

I’m not up for a housekeeper of the year.

I’ve already cried over my 3 1/2 years of lost pictures, so I won’t writhe in pain over them today.  I will say that my ‘before’ photos went the way of The Great Picture Loss of 2011.   Now all we have for ‘before shots’ are my words and the post D.I.Y = Cry.

Before I begin to recount our personal saga with the loo, I must warn you – We Are Not Done With The Bathroom!

It’s a shock, I know.

We need trim for the baseboards and for the door.  We need a cabinet to house our extra toilet paper and towels.  We need trim for the shower head and handle.  But, it’s very close to being done.  The hole you see in the ceiling is actually a fan without the cover.  Where is the cover you ask?  Good question.  I’ll Google it.  Someone’s gotta know!

Now I wish I could show you pictures of fancy tile and soaking tubs, but get real this is a budget renovation we prefer simple.

Our bathroom is small; however, when we first bought the house, our bathroom was half its current size, meaning we needed Weight Watchers just to fit in the shower.  Let’s not even remember the shower.  You know it’s bad when Scrubbing Bubbles run from the job.  Even FringeMan, the man who once painted the interior of his shower, recognized we needed a new shower.  On the other side of the micro-loo was a small closet.  FringeMan broke down the walls and we have a reasonable size lavatory.

In real life, it was not that easy, but I’ll spare you the sweat.

I’ll also say that FringeMan worked extremely hard on this bathroom.  Plumbing is always a nightmare, but especially in this house.  Under the floor, there is a two foot x two foot space where all the plumbing goes.  It’s virtually inaccessible from the basement, so FringeMan had to tear up the floor to re-plumb everything.

He’ll be the first to admit he’s an electrician and not a plumber, but I think he’s a mighty fine plumber when we’re desperate he chooses.

We also had a chimney in this bathroom.  Odd?  Not when you live in a house that’s over a hundred years old.  Things get a little tricky when you buy any house built prior to 1950.  That’s not a professional opinion, but I believe it.

In our old bathroom we also had two different levels of floor.  There was actually a step up right after the toilet.  You’ve heard of a sunken living room, but did you ever consider having a sunken toilet?

I enjoy a flat floor in my bathroom.  It makes middle-of-the-night runs safer.

So there you have it.  Our almost finished bathroom.  I am extremely thankful to be able to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink.  Thank you FringeMan for all your hard work!

Are you working on any home renovation projects?


10 thoughts on “My Almost Done Bathroom

  1. Joyce

    It looks great. We replaced just our shower (are replacing, actually)…they ripped it out March 9th for a 3 week job. It is April 20th and we’re almost there. It’s all done but the glass. Course you need the glass to use it so….

    We startd a patio this week. Of course the day after the rains came and are expected to last all week. They had to take my fence out to work so the dog is not happy. Home improvement is a lot of work!

  2. caprik

    VERY nice! Thank the Lord for handy husbands!

    Work begins on our entire hoopty front yard in May.
    I am praying for patience, sanity, a strong back, and an end in sight. Oh, and cash, it’s going to take a lot of cash.

  3. Megan

    It looks great! I have been doing a little redecorating that included painting and sanding and such (blah!). I think I’ll post about it this week (even though it’s a bit off-topic for my blog).

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    My wife trust ME with home renovations? That’ll be the day! I am still trying to figure out how to change a lightbulb that burned out 3 years ago…

  5. ladyofthemanse

    Looks fantastic! I’m still regretting that I didn’t get “before” photos of our bathroom, but I hated it so much I couldn’t stand to take pictures. Imagine carpet on the floor…and you get the picture.

    Ours is still the same size, but it looks a lot better, and I can actually feel like it is clean sometimes.


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