Thanks Brings Sunshine

I woke to gray, rain beating a rhythm on the cold world.  Plodding through coffee, phone calls, third-grade multiplication, and peddling, my attitude drowned in the dank of sad.

My thankful list lay closed, forgotten.  How easily I trade thanksgiving for complaint, joy for sadness.  I feel like Esau selling his birthright for a pot of stew.

I lose focus.  I see damp.  I see darkness.  I see selfishness.  My glasses spotted with drops.  Reality blurs.  I must give thanks.

  • warm socks
  • friends from afar
  • my daughter’s nearness
  • words on paper

I run to open my notebook, my storehouse of beautiful, love, and gifts.  My one hundred twenty and growing.

  • seeing family on Skype
  • chocolate ice-cream
  • exercise induced endorphins

Thanksgiving and complaint cannot share a heart.  One always consumes the other.  Choices are ripe for my picking.  Today I pick thanks, and the sun peeks from behind a cloud.  My heart cannot be both clouds and sunshine.  I continue to choose thanks.

  • children pulling weeds
  • a clean house
  • Friday afternoon
  • fresh groceries
  • a flower in my daughter’s hair

Sunshine finds a home in my soul.  The clouds can stay outside.  I am not allowing them in, not today.  Today I give thanks.

  • a loving God
  • a bathroom sink with running water
  • misplaced college students
  • the days end

Will you give thanks today?

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14 thoughts on “Thanks Brings Sunshine

  1. Lynn

    Wow, I LOVE the way you wrote this TT post. Thank you…. I hope your Easter was astonishing. See you this Thursday. Hugs, Lynn

  2. Cathy

    We had sunshine today, but the rain is supposed to be coming back tonight and be here through Sunday at least. But I chose to be thankful for today’s sun and not worry about tomorrow’s rain. It’s something we have to choose isn’t it? To be thankful or joyful instead of sad. I think this Thursday thing is good to help remind me of this.
    Take care my friend. Happy Easter.

  3. laura

    misplaced college students made me smile.
    good for you, no succumbing to complaints. I like what you said about joy and complaints not being able to share the same heart.

  4. Carol

    “Thanksgiving and complaint cannot share a heart” . . . yes, and like you I oscillate between the two.
    The rain and clouds of the past 2 days have made me very thankful for the sunshine today–hope sunshine comes your way!

    Have a blessed Easter,

  5. Charming's Mama

    I’m thankful for a boys imagination, of games with bananas and monkeys, sunshine and rain and the gift of friends both near and far.

    So happy to share thanks with you today.


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