This & That (but mostly that) and Writing

I really have nothing to say to you (world of blog readers, friends, and family), so I’m not sure why I’m blogging.
(My son doesn’t know what to do with his hands in pictures.  Me either!)

I thought about recapping Easter, but it’s over.  I feel a little like it’s old news, not Jesus’ resurrection, because that’s never old. Just my day – Easter pictures – church – going to sleep at 8 o’clock with a migraine – the great egg hunt with one grumpy (he must have woken up too early) son…you know, the traditional recap.

(Winter beat my porch to death.

Looks like I have another painting project.

Let’s call it Shabby Snow-Beaten Chic.

It’s trendy in my part of the world)

For some reason I feel like Easter was long ago, not yesterday. I guess this has already been a long Monday.

I’m pretty excited about going to Vermont this weekend. We will attending a Michael W. Smith concert on Friday night and visiting with old friends from Maine who now live in Vermont. About a month ago FringeMan and I decided that we needed to do more fun things. Sometimes we get stuck in the work and responsibility mode and forget to take some time just to do something out of the ordinary, something fun. So FringeMan surprised us with concert tickets. Fun!

I was skimming through a book in the library last week.  I can’t remember the title of the book, but in included authors talking about the craft of writing.  Most only had their second attempts at a novel published.  The first basically turned into a practice run.  They wrote, they realized their mistakes, they grew as a writer and then wrote a successful novel.  I’m pretty sure this is normal, at least it was normal for all the very famous novelists mentioned in this book.  I know writers with blogs have attested to having an unpublished early manuscript or two lying around.

So, I’ve been thinking…

Scary, huh?

Maybe I should just take this (my first) story idea that’s rolling around in my head and slowly making its way to a Microsoft Word file called Murder in Maine (not the title, but I’m terrible with titles and not worrying about it now), and use it as a practice book.  Kinda my first run down a new slope and not my Olympic gold medal run.

You know what I mean?

I’m thinking about writing it a little bit at a time and posting each installment right here on my blog.  I’d probably pick one day a week to post this practice book.

I have two reasons for wanting to do this.

  1. It will help keep me motivated.  Writing an entire novel is a bit overwhelming, but writing the story one blog post at a time seems perfectly doable.
  2. I will get feedback.  We always think our stories are good, but it would be nice to get an outside opinion (although I may regret that statement), both critique and encouragement.
  3. Ok, I guess I have three reasons. 🙂  After a year of blog posts, I’ll have a complete book.  Sure, it will probably just get thrown in a drawer, but it will still be an accomplishment.

I have a sneaking suspicion writers will say this is a bad idea.  Everyone seems very private about their writing and book ideas.  I just think if this is basically a practice novel, I may as well use a tool (my blog) that will help keep me on task and give me the experience I need to write my best-seller.

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “This & That (but mostly that) and Writing

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  2. Teresa Marie

    I was actually doing something similar which I desperately need to start up again. I was doing Fiction Friday where every Friday I aimed to post SOMETHING fictional. Not necessarily my first novel but exercise, short or long stories that would get my creative juices flowing.
    I love your idea to post your practice novel so you can get feed back. As an aspiring writer with tons of heart but little experience or confidence, I would love to read what you write!
    It might be fun if you hosted a linky for others (myself included) to link up fictional pieces to too. 😉 just a thought!

  3. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    I think it’s a great idea if it motivates you.
    I will read what you write!
    Go for it!

    P.S. Please check out registering the chapters with the Library of Congress (it’s like copywriting your stuff) so no one can claim your writing as their writing.

  4. Laura

    your photos are great. Tell you daughter I HEART her dress. She looks lovely.
    And, the shabby chic look is very ‘in’ in my part of the world too, lol.
    Happy Writing!

  5. Megan

    On boys’ hands in photos: go for the thumbs-casually stuck-in-pockets look.

    On writing a book and posting it on a blog: worked for Pioneer Woman! 😉

  6. Kristin

    Oh, coming from a wannabe writer now, I say go for it! I have written 2 books (not published) and working on a memoir.
    I just read the other day the best thing you can do as a writer is read, read, read. And then write, write, write. You may want to put a clause on your blog though, that nothing can be copied. You never know!
    I’m excited to see what your novel is about:)


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