A New Day for Fiction Writers

It’s all settled. Fiction Friday will be hosted right here on The Domestic Fringe.  I’ll pull out all the stops and throw a Linky into my post.

Now you’re excited, aren’t you?

I really owe this idea to Teresa Marie at Precious Grains of Sand.  Teresa Marie, thank you for the suggestion!

Ok, here are the rules:

  1. Any FICTION is acceptable.  Flash Fiction – Novel – Short Story – Whatever, as long as it’s fiction.
  2. Please include a link at the end of your post that will send people back to the current Fiction Friday post on The Domestic Fringe.  This will ensure your blog readers have a chance to read other works.
  3. Please leave a link (on the provided Mr. Linky) to your specific Fiction Friday blog post.  Please make sure the url is for a specific post and please make sure it’s fiction.

Do any of you make blog buttons?  Or, do any of you know someone who makes blog buttons at a reasonable price?  I’d love to have a blog button that everyone can add to their post and sidebar.

If you are planning to participate or just like to read fiction, please help me spread the word.

Fiction Friday begins May 6th, the first Friday in May.  I contemplated starting this Friday, but it’s probably too soon.  I’d love to have as many people participate as possible, so let’s give it a week for word to circulate.

Remember the more you spread the word, the more people will read your fiction.

I’m really excited.  I think this will fun, but more importantly, I know it will be a learning experience.

So if you are on Twitter, Tweet.  If you know writers on facebook, post a status update.  If you blog, blog away.  If you read, tell your friends and book club.

Fiction Friday on The Domestic Fringe – You can’t beat free reads!


19 thoughts on “A New Day for Fiction Writers

  1. Cathy

    I doubt I’ll participate, because I can barely write my blog. But I’ll tweet it for you and also come back and read. Who knows, maybe there’s some fiction in me somewhere that may come out at some time!

    1. Teresa Marie

      Fringe Girl – I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! :)))) I’m so glad that you liked my idea, and I can not wait to join up with you! It will help hold me accountable to myself. I know my friends miss my Fiction Friday so they will be grateful to you too 🙂

      Thank you SOsoSO much for the shout out!

      1. Teresa Marie

        I didn’t get your email? Not sure why…Could you try writing to me again? teresathomas139@gmail.com. He might be too busy tonight but I’m sure we can get it done in plenty of time before this starts. Include a general idea for what you want the button to look like, what you want it to say exactly etc.

        Can’t wait to hear from you!


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