What I Love is Sunshine

Welcome to What I Love Wednesday – Sunshine Edition.

In between hide and seek with the clouds, I think I actually got sunburn today.  That’s how marshmallow white I am.  With every day of foul weather, I resemble the Pillsbury Dough Boy more and more.  It’s time to set this gooey body in the sunshine and get deep-fried like a southern tomato.

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The other day FringeMan told me he thought an animal was living under our outside front steps.

“Why do you think that?”  I asked, saddened by the thought of yet another pest problem.

This winter I fought the mice and the mice I won.  Crown Fringeman me Domestic Rodent Eliminator.  Spring brought ants in my pants the house.  Now what are we to do with a porch dweller?

“Well, there’s a big hole going under the steps.  An animal must be burrowing.”  FringeMan explained.

I hung my head.  A two-legged animal in a pink polka-dot dress burrowed her horse farm into that hole.

Don’t fear the random skunk or mole, it’s the kids you need to trap!


What I love this Wednesday is SUNSHINE.

It’s good for my spirit.

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10 thoughts on “What I Love is Sunshine

  1. Charming's Mama

    This has been a very snowy, rainy, soggy, wet April and I’m done! Done! I tell ya! I’m sure however that in a month or two we will all be complaining that it is to danged hot!

    But today I am thankful for the sunshine too!

  2. bridgesburning

    It is so nice to hear about sunshine and the celebration of it through human roasting. I sit looking out on a rainy foggy all filled with lightning and thunder day…sigh!

  3. omega57

    Had so much rain we are waterlogged. Yet know other areas really need it. We have won against the wintering mice and all burrowing animals are in danger because we now have a floppy eared basset! The deer have stopped eating our bulbs and coming through our yard too. I love to see where our girls will nest with their art and books. Places I would not go as a grown up girls for sure!
    Have a wonderful spring day!


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