Thankfulness – One Squat at a Time

This morning after allergy shots, we ran by the library.  My son wanted to pick up a book he had ordered.  We never, ever leave the library with just one book and today was no exception.  The librarian gave us a bag for our bounty and she granted me a couple of extra days on the Thighs of Steel video from 1989.  I’ll be de-celluliting my thighs with Denise Austin for ten days instead of seven.

And I’m thankful.

Please remind me I said that in about four days when my calf muscles seize and  I can no longer climb my stairs.

  • exercise
  • banana bread with icing (hence the need for exercise)
  • silly photos of my daughter

Do you know what I’ve discovered since I started keeping a Thank You journal?

Once you begin being thankful, you become more thankful.  Granted, some days are easier than others, but regardless of the circumstance, if you choose to give thanks, you become thankful.

  • fun socks
  • allergy shots
  • laundry done
  • a full sink of dishes, the sign of a good dinner
  • virtual bowling

Somehow giving thanks opens your eyes to all the good going on around you.  Thanks is in the little and big.

  • the first ice-cream cone of the season (insert lunges, leg lifts and crunches)
  • flowers in bloom
  • the cross
  • encouragement from bloggers
  • a party invite
  • a picnic dinner by the river
  • 1,100 words into fiction
  • a faded American flag flying tattered stripes
  • a lost boy found
  • birds chatting
  • warmth that draws out the prickliest of neighbors

Are you thankful today?

Please do share.  Thankfulness is contagious, so spread it around.

You can even join us by clicking on the buttons below!

By the way…

Heather from Adventures in Womanland is starting up a new online Bible study called Humor Me, Lord.   I can’t wait.  Won’t you join us?

Ok, I’m done.  Promise. (fingers crossed)


10 thoughts on “Thankfulness – One Squat at a Time

  1. Cora

    Loved your list today. Especially the part about how making a thankful list makes you more thankful. I’ve noticed an “upward” trend in my attitudes, too, by doing this. It’s been just the best thing in the world! And add to that, reading others’ lists, like yours, is just the icing on the cake. Thank you for that!!!!! I love icing!

  2. toshowthemjesus

    Oh allergy shots, 5 years later and I am thankful knowing things could be worse without them. Banana bread with icing sounds delish! Care to share the recipe?:)

  3. ladyofthemanse

    I started a Thank You Journal last week. It really does open your eyes to the blessings we are given daily.

    And I’m with you on the squats and lunges! I got up to exercise this morning, and got distracted by the Royal Wedding. Oh dear!

  4. Morgan

    I love the idea of a Thank You journal – kind of reminds me of the book Prison to Praise, which I really ought to pick up and read again soon.

  5. Mariza

    Hi Fringegirl,
    I so agree with you about being thankful makes you be more thankful! I’m grateful that we were able to have our house ready on time for it to go on the market!
    I don’t have blogger! You can visit my blog and comment! I use wordpress.

  6. Jill

    Oops! Almost forgot! I really like the fiction Friday idea, and I’ll definitely be reading yours, but I don’t know how much or when I can contribute. Life is running me over, and I’ve had no time to write any fiction in quite a while. As you can see from my intermittent blog posts, I barely have time to write the real stuff!


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