Bumblebees, Books, and Other Assorted Nonsense

  • I’m making a list, because I don’t know what else to do with myself.
  • I could/would/should be doing something more useful – like washing clothes or cleaning our wreck of a home.
  • My kids =  SPRING FEVER.
  • We are being held captive by bumblebees.
  • I’m thankful for allergy shots, because they are working (my asthma attack Sunday night not included).
  • I ate the cherry pie.  Sorry to disappoint.  My will power has limits.  BUT, I only ate half and dumped the rest.  It wasn’t that good.  If it were good, all the cherries would be swimming contentedly in my belly.
  • I turned off the comments, but so many of you found a way to reach out to me.
  • Several of you wrote and said that I was talking about your church, and that makes me extremely sad.
  • In fact, I wasn’t going to post today, because I don’t have words.  But, well, I have to do something in order to avoid housework.
  • Maybe, just maybe, God will use this bad and turn it into something good.
  • I totally believe He can.
  • I’m still internalizing it all.  Thinking.  Allowing God to do something in me.
  • I lost one pound.  It may have been two, but I ate half the cherry pie.
  • Please don’t tell me the one pound is from going potty.
  • I won’t believe you anyway.
  • I finished Chapter One of my book, but now I’m like “Oh, No! Where do I go from here?”
  • Duh.  I get it.  Chapter two.
  • My son is writing somthing for Fiction Friday.
  • I’m currently scheming for a way out of cooking dinner tonight.
  • I clearly suffer from housework avoidance.
  • When does school end in your part of the world?
  • I may move to your part of the world if it’s soon.
  • My front door will not last through summer.
  • It’s already been slammed 89,637,534,21 times.
  • The cow picture has nothing to do with anything, but I thought this post looked a little naked without a photo.
  • Be well my friends!


20 thoughts on “Bumblebees, Books, and Other Assorted Nonsense

  1. caprik

    This is what I don’t understand about the church that hosted the tea. If it was SUPPOSED to be an outreach event, WHY wouldn’t the church leadership talk about how to REACH OUT to the newcomers?

    Whenever our church has an event, there is much talk beforehand about WHY we are doing the event, what we are hoping to accomplish through the event, and how to make the event meaningful for the ones trying to be reached!

    A lot of this would be common sense to the average person, but I have found that many life long church members are socially retarded when it comes to those outside their Holy Huddle. A shame, because why would anyone be drawn to their Jesus?

    I would take a lost pound however I could get it!!

    SO glad your allergy shots are working! Breathing is a beautiful thing!

  2. Jill

    Your post from yesterday made my heart ache, and I found myself stepping back and examining my own actions more closely. So often I’m busy running from one thing to the next at church–do I stop to speak to people and make them feel welcome as much as I should? Or am I too wrapped up in what I’m doing. And what am I doing? Serving? Somehow we forget that it’s worthless without showing the love described in I Corinthians 13.

    We have a ladies’ luncheon this Saturday at the church, and meeting people and making them feel welcome has become a priority more important than making sure we have the right plates and napkins. Thanks for the wake-up call.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Thank you Jill. This is what I prayed would come of my post regarding the church. This was my point – to share my heart in hopes that it would touch someone else and cause them to reach another. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. omega57

    I could make a similar list and am avoiding making plane reservations, canceling hotel reservations and most especially house work! I did go to the gym already! Yeah for me!

    I felt your pain about entering a chruch and no one speaking. Try introducing your self and then again if necessary.

    Just maybe by sharing this I will and others will peak to those we don’t know and be friendly and welcoming in God’s house.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Yes, but I did try introducing myself. Sadly, I always miss communicating something when I write a post. No matter how I try, I usually fail to give a full and accurate picture. Judging by the amount of emails and personal stories I have received, there are many (MANY) out there who have attempted friendliness only to be shunned and ignored. It is sad. Yes, it is my hope that through sharing, others will reach out to those who walk through their churches doors.

  4. Andrew

    It sounds something like my old church. My experience was a bit different. I wasn’t subjected to the snoodiness or infighting but I was aware of it. I was more affected by the prodigious intolerance spewed from the pulpit. That’s not a commentary on Christianity in general as most are fine folks, just my church in particular.

  5. debbie york

    My favorite (and may I add “go to”) post of all time was one you wrote. You reminded us that in all things, God will have His glory. He will in this as well. (BTW…not to stir the pot, but the entire congregation can’t be shy and I have a strong hunch, you are anything but!)
    School will be out in 12 days. I know because then I get Grayzilla for a few…can’t wait! I always loved when the kids were out for summer and I didn’t have to worry with sterilizing ’em!
    Have a great one.
    P.S. Can’t wait to read FringeBoy’s submission.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Thank you Debbie for reminding me of that post. God will have His glory! A great truth for me to remember today. Have fun with your grandkids! Can’t believe they’ll be out in just 12 days. I think I may need to move to Texas! 😉

  6. ladyofthemanse

    I remember being in one church like that–I was a child, and we were traveling. I don’t know where it was, but I do remember that we were extremely uncomfortable. My Dad, who is not critical made a comment about its unfriendliness afterward (to us, not them). I think that is one reason it stuck in my memory. My heart goes out to your daughter.

    I pray that we are never that church.

    I never thought of making homemade vanilla. I’ll be anxious to see how it turns out. And I like your nonsense posts. 🙂

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I’m hoping my vanilla turns out fabulous! I’ll actually be bottling it and selling it, so it better be good. 😉 Thank you for sharing your memory and for your kind words. I appreciate them.

  7. momfog

    That’s a great list. I, too, am an expert of finding ways out of housework and cooking dinner. I’m happy to say that it wasn’t my church you visited. I think our church might be the friendliest place on Earth, but that’s probably because we’re so small (in number, not in heart.) My kids’ last day of school is May 20 and I’m dreading it! Congrats on Chapter One.

  8. Lisa

    Hi FringeGirl,
    I’m sorry to hear about your experience at the church function. It hurts my heart to think I could have been that person that didn’t notice you (there, at the ballfield, anywhere) because I was busy talking to someone else or just being self-absorbed. I hope you will elbow your way into a conversation with me (anyone) because maybe I’m shy, don’t know how to make conversation with a stranger, or am just dense. Bring the party to where you’re going….I think that church doesn’t need you to leave it, just shake it up!!
    I make my own vanilla and love it….hope you enjoy yours!
    Thanks for visiting me today, I’m so glad to meet you!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      See Lisa, here’s the thing. I did try to strike up conversation. I have before too. This is not my first time attending a function at this particular church. I don’t want to rehash things. The bottom line is that some people/churches are unwelcoming and unfriendly. It’s not an accident. It’s not shyness. I’m not making excuses anymore. Not for my behavior or the behavior of others. I know this sounds terribly judgmental and that’s part of the reason I closed comments on yesterday’s post. If you knew me, you’d know that I give people the benefit of the doubt. Always. Too often, says my husband. I want to believe the best in people and most of the time that works; however, there is a time to be realistic and live in reality. If I’ve offended. I am sorry.

      Can’t wait to use my vanilla! Glad you hear someone else’s success story!

  9. marytoo

    I wanted to reply yesterday, but…I’m not that tech-y. 😦

    I wanted to say that I am very sorry that happened to you, but I’m glad you brought it up, because I’m not sure people are always aware of that problem. I think sometimes people would be friendlier, but they don’t know what to say or they feel very self-conscious or whatever. I’m not making any excuses, just an observation.

    When I visit a church like that and no one speaks to me, I introduce myself and tell them I am a visitor. They almost always respond in a friendly way. I think they are often embarrassed, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but there it is…

  10. bridgesburning

    I am glad you got support yesterday. I started an email to you a couple of times, but then talked myself out of..nuts! I love your list…and am glad you got some of the cherry pie..I have been worrying about that!


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