The Age of The e-Reader

My husband surprised me with a nook for my birthday/Valentines Day.  Although I adore my nook, I love my husband more.  The fact that he strayed from our usual twenty-dollar gifts made me all the more excited.

Back in February we attempted to do a joint vlog and showcase my nook; however, Regis & Kelly we are not.  Well, we could be if I stopped eating for a year and dyed my hair blond, but that’s a little extreme for February.

Our vlog turned into an argument, in the vein of the Honeymooners, over if we should sit or stand, whether or not I included too much chatter, and the fact that FringeMan was just plain grumpy that day.  My son, our videographer, captured it all on my camera.

That’s the perfect vlog, I thought.

Then, thinking I wouldn’t want the video, my son pressed delete.


Our one good take gone at the touch of a tiny fingertip.  No matter.  My son’s not tall enough to be our camera man any-whoo.  From his vantage point, he captured our sinus cavity and way too many nose hairs.

So now, only in May do I show you the nook.  I didn’t think I’d love an e-reader as much as I do, and I really, really do.  I know all of the disadvantages of not having a paper book in my hand – the feel, the smell of ink on paper, the stacks cluttering my house; however, for me, the advantages are worth giving up the paper.

A few advantages as seen by me:

  • I can slip this one, journal-size book into my bag and carry an entire library in my purse.
  • I can borrow e-books from my library system.
  • FREE books.
  • Faster reading – I know how nerdy this is going to sound, but I never realized how much time is wasted turning pages.
  • I can read in bed without flipping on a lamp.
  • On this particular e-reader, I can read books, magazines, and newspapers, but I can also listen to music, play games, and surf the web.  With all the apps available, it’s becoming more like an iPad each day.
  • This baby will read books to your children.  Yes, I know, I know…an electronic voice cannot replace a mother’s warm embrace.  But, there’s nothing wrong with sitting your two year-old on the couch with your nook while you jump in the shower.  Just be certain you disable your credit card before he orders every book in the Library of Congress.
  • I can underline, highlight, take notes, and look-up words while I’m reading.
  • It’s a toy for grown-ups.  That’s the bottom line and I love it.

So thank you FringeMan!  I love my nook (Barnes & Noble did not pay me to say that.  Although they could!  I take cash or check.)

What do you think about e-readers?

Do you have/want one?
Join us at Lollipops and share what you love this Wednesday.


30 thoughts on “The Age of The e-Reader

  1. Marlo

    I have a Sony reader and love it!! I love the fact that I don’t have to buy the books from the online store, just download from our library. I missed the feel of a book at first but now, I can adjust the letter size so if I don’t want to wear my glasses don’t need to! It is a great thing!!!!!!

  2. ladyofthemanse

    I’ve wanted one for a while, but my husband wasn’t on board. Then he was with some friends and saw a Kindle. I think he is coming around….but I’m the gadget person, not him–so if we get one, we may have to get two!

  3. Megan

    I looooove my Nook. There are times when I’d still prefer paper to ebooks, but it’s just so darn convenient! My favorite part (and the reason I didn’t buy a Kindle) is the ability to check out ebooks through the library.

  4. alely

    well, the next purchase after this iphone is a nook or kindle! i think it’s the greatest thing just for the those very reasons you noted.

    happy wednesday and thanks so much for visiting. : )

  5. robinaltman

    I’m crazy about my Kindle, but I think the Nook sounds pretty awesome. I love the library option. That might push it over the edge.

    This is really goofy, but I like decorating my Kindle with gelaskins. They’re stickers for the Kindle. I’m thinking about changing my current one soon. It’s black with red, orange, yellow and white flowers…

  6. omega57

    Highly recomend the e-readers. I bought one (1st generation Kindle) for my husband several years ago to take back with us when we returned to our home overseas. That alone saved his back from all the books we have lugged over there through the years. Our family loves to read! We just bought more shelves for our books we shipped back. They were keepers. and an ipad for another e-reader. To our surprise, we love our Kindle and ipad!! We still buy paper books for reference books. Take advantage of the free and low cost copyright free books!

  7. Cindy

    I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of e-readers at first. I love books, the way they look and feel, and the wonderous things contained between their covers.

    But I love my Kindle e-reader! With my e-reader, I can carry dozens of books with me wherever I go. At times, I might be reading a few books at once, and the e-reader allows me to have them all right there in my hands. I will never give up books. They will always be a part of my life. So will my e-reader.

    Here’s a tutorial to make an e-reader cover/case:

  8. Jill

    I have long coveted an e-reader, although I’m not sure which one I would get. But then I started listening to audio books while working out, and I think my e-reader craving has gone away. Now I haunt the electronic aisles at and wish they had more sales!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Hey, thanks for mentioning I’ve been looking for a specific audio book to listen to with my children. I’m going to check and see if they have it! Thank you.

  9. momfog

    I have resisted an e-reader, loudly and unapologetically. (They are destroying book stores. They are cold and impersonal. They don’t smell or feel like a book. It doesn’t look as good on a bookshelf.)However, I feel my resolve crumbling. Free books? A library in my purse? Reading in the dark? *sigh* It’s inevitable, I suppose. I’ll have one eventually and I know I’ll ADORE it.

  10. jennathome

    I don’t have an e-reader. I’m in love with my paper books! But, you put out some very good pro’s and maybe someday I might go for one of those fancy gadgets!

  11. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    Thanks for telling me why you like your e-reader. I’ve been pondering the pros and cons for months now. I am a book freak (yes, stacks of books) and I’m almost afraid the reader will forever replace my beloved paper. Weird, huh?
    Anyway, I feel myself edging closer now.

  12. Deb

    Well I sure would have liked to see that vlog! 😉 I’m still undecided about the venerable e-reader. Your arguments are all good but… I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon. The babysitter part sounds good though! 🙂

  13. Teresa Marie

    I ‘just’ got an e-Reader myself! My hubby bought me mine for mother’s day. My goal had been to save up my Swagbucks and buy one on Amazon, but he beat me to it.

    I debated for a long time over if I wanted one. I so loooooove books. However, I’m trying so hard to be financially wise. I have about 20 books (many from Christian authors, most of whom I’ve never had a chance to read before) and 4 games all for FREE! If I do have a book come out that I will absolutely have to have that isn’t free, I can then use my Swag earned Amazon Gift Cards to buy it, and HAVE it immediately…No more “Honey, can I run to the mall really quick, spend $15 then try to get back, before you put them down so I can use their nap time to read?”

    Another thing. When I read a book, it becomes part of me. I read it in the bath, in bed, on the John, while cooking. There are no limits. That is why I hate libraries. Reading a book someone else (someone I don’t know or trust, I loan books all the time) could have ‘become part of’ grosses me out. An e-Reader library. Totally doable. No gross germs, just words.

    Those are my “additions” to your very thorough list of loves (all of which I totally agree with).

    While I love my e-Reader, I’m not ready to part with the good books I do have in print already. My Karen Kingsbury’s and Harry Potter’s for instance!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Oh, so happy you got and are loving your e-reader! It’s a wonderful gift. The kind that really does keep on giving. Great additions to my love list! Now I’m going to be a little skeeved out when I go get a book from the library. 😉

  14. Andrew

    I think e-readers are great! In theory at least. I don’t have one yet haha. I will have to get one eventually as I write (an) e-book(s) and it’ll do me wonders to be able to actually read the things before I upload them.

    But yeah I definitely want one! Like you said, free books!

  15. bobcb518

    I really need to invest in an e-reader. Currently, I read books, etc. from my iphone. I’m used to it, but I’m pretty sure that having a bigger device would make a big difference.
    I resisted e-readers at first. I wanted something non-electronically tangible. Something that wouldn’t disappear if the batteries gave out or there was a power outage.
    But, I must admit that the pros outweigh the cons. I supposed the biggest pro is that, now, I read more. I don’t have to go to the bookstore (even though I hate the fact that they are dwindling away), and hunt for a book. I mostly read what would be found on a decemnovenarians bookshelf anyway, so, a vast majority of what I read is out of copyright and free of charge. YAY for saving money.

    P.S. Your header is quite amusing.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I’m not sure I could imagine reading a book on my iphone, but if it works for you, that’s great! Love saving money. My header is a pretty accurate representation of my kids and they are amusing!


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