Now is the Time to be Thankful

Some days all the gears in my brain turn in tandem and I sit dumbstruck with truth.  Kinda like the day when my son’s teacher (not me) took a book and wacked him in the head, only to have him say “Oh!” – the ‘I get it’ kind of ‘Oh’.  I don’t have many of these days mind you, but when I do, it’s a crossroads of sorts, a place of decision.

I know I’m psyching you up for a great life-altering post, and I hate to disappoint…


There’s always a ‘but’.  It’s usually big and too often it’s mine.

I’ve got nothing revolutionary for you today.  I’m not about to change the world with my few, ok, many words.  I’m just struck by the fact that time is passing right before my very eyes and I usually do not notice.

I’m too busy, too tired, too hormonal, too overworked and underpaid, too lazy, and too whiny to realize what is going on around me.

Today, while looking through some pictures, I realized my kids are growing up.  You see, I live with these guys – I school them – I play with them – I try to ignore them – I cleaned their skinned knees – I listen to them talk – I yell at them – I hug them – I feed them, but I don’t always notice that they are transforming from little kid into young person.

It’s a scary realization.  I mean, what if I’m totally screwing them up?

Do you ever think that about your ability to parent?

I know I’m probably doing more good than harm.  It’s just that the decisions were easier when they were two, three, and four.  They’re getting older and the choices are getting tougher.  I guess that’s how life works.

To steal Oprah’s term, my ‘Aha’ moment sparked my need to be thankful.  I missed posting last Thursday, not because I lacked thanks, but because I lacked time.  Today I am taking the time while I have it.

  • freedom to raise my kids how I choose
  • warming light & cool breezes
  • vanilla beans
  • stepping away
  • thunderstorms
  • made beds
  • a box of hand-me-down hair thingies

Something inside of me tells me to get things done now.  Now is the time.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, or next year, or ten years from now.  Reach your goals now.  Change what you don’t like now.  Be a better you now.  Do those things God is calling you to do now.

  • miracles that still happen
  • doggie drool
  • lots of shelves
  • a reorganized kitchen
  • a growing son, grumpy with angst
  • pictures to record time
  • a dead snake

That’s what time tells me.

  • playing basketball with my kids
  • friends over for the morning
  • new strawberry plants
  • marshmallows roasted over an open fire
  • skateboards and skinned knees
  • the instinct to hope
  • forgiveness


  • a few minutes of quiet
  • the kids creek swimming
  • dirty feet
  • four chapters written
  • my daughter’s plans for a ‘dream’ room

Being a skilled procrastinator, I buck at the idea.  Yes, I have goals, but the everyday and the insignificant get in my way.  I’m sidetracked way too easily.  I don’t need distractions.  I am a distraction!

I’m not sure how my light-bulb moment will play out in the practical.  I nearly said, “Tomorrow will tell.”; however, just two paragraphs ago I wrote NOW.  Silly me.

Visit Ann @ a Holy Experience!

Are you thankful today?  Feel free to share your list in the comments.

Have you had any revelations knock you in the head recently?  I’d love to hear about it.


16 thoughts on “Now is the Time to be Thankful

  1. Shayna

    I love LOVE LOOOOVE! this post for a few different reasons. I too had the same ‘Aha’ moment on Christmas Eve regarding the growing up of my daughter. I, too, blogged about it (and then was asked to censor it…LOL). But it is so true, NOW is the time to be aware of the wonderful things that are happening right now. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this year thinking about how one lives NOW… and I think it is through gratitude…pausing long enough to be thankful. And as my first year in TN comes to an end, I’ve decided the direction of my second year here (and my second blog :)) and it will be daily gratitude.

  2. caprik

    I am thankful for safety, the sound of our wind chimes on the patio, ceiling fans, memory foam pillows and my family. Oh, and indoor plumbing.

  3. Cathy

    I’m thankful my youngest made it through her 1st year of Virtual Online School and she is now officially a sophomore in high school! Yay!
    I’m thankful my oldest made it through her first year of college and is home for the summer and has a job and is getting to work lots of hours! Yay!

  4. momfog

    Naps, pain meds, air conditioning, music, my mom. The last one I grow to appreciate more every day. Mothering is not easy and she was superb. My revelation is that I really do wish I was like my mom. Yikes, that’s scary.

  5. Charming's Mama

    I’m thankful for today, for the smell of lilacs in the breeze, weeds in the trash, 64 bags of mulch spread, flowers in my garden, little boys napping, snow on the mountain, iced tea and sunshine.

    Could it be that summer is a comin’?


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