Are 200 more years possible? – Our Town’s Bicentennial Bash

Happy Birthday to Our Town,

Happy Birthday to Our Town,

Happy Birthday dear Our Town,

Happy 200th Birthday to You!

This weekend marked the 200th birthday of a little city in central New York.  Once upon a time this small city wasn’t so small.  It bustled with the thrill of new birth, a city blooming in the sweet-smelling spring of dairy country.

The keepers of time in the Historical Society tell us that our town, birthed by heroes of the Revolution, thrived economically and socially.  They display ancient photographs of men and women wearing lavish and sometimes funny time-period outfits.  Local classrooms file in and out, catching a glimpse into a time past, but not forgotten.  Boys hold muskets and gaze at display cases overflowing with shiny pieces of local crystal named ‘diamonds‘.

Our town had life, new life.

The busy and bustle of main street, now almost folklore, waits ready on the lips of the older folk, keepers of secrets that need to be shared.  They know, want us to know – it was a great town.

Opera houses and a lighted Main Street flaunted the prosperity of old.  Now that same Main Street sits nearly empty, vacant of smiling faces and thrilling voices.

For many, the dream of a small town comeback is alive.  We want what has been, used to be – the good – the memories – the happy and successful – the people.

I’m not sure what has been can ever be again.  Pining for the good ole’ days of yore doesn’t work.

We cannot recreate the past, but we can hope for the future.  We can do more than dream; we can welcome and encourage.  We can fight for our future and foster new birth.

We can create good, unique and fresh.

We can give a new generation the chance to prove that they’ve learned from the rich heritage of our town and can step forward for the good of the community…the good of our future.

We celebrated 200 years with parades, hotdogs, and fireworks.  We dug up a time capsule and planted a new one for our children’s children.  We honored yesterday with abandon.  I only hope we will invest the same energy and love into tomorrow.

We want what has been, but shouldn’t we long for what can be?

Are 200 more good years possible?

I don’t know.  I’m a new comer, seeing with fresh eyes.  While the possibilities spread as wide as the corn fields, personalities draw in our borders, protecting an ideal that no longer exists.

Maybe we just need to eat another hotdog, drink a glass of milk, and look back one more time; however, I hope that in looking back, we see sparkles of hope and dreams for tomorrow.

There’s a new generation counting on 200 more years.


What did you do this weekend? 

Clearly I had a good time.  I was even interviewed for the nightly news.  The reporter made the mistake of asking me if I had anything else to say.  I’m glad my husband wasn’t around for the interview, because he would have forewarned the reporter.  I didn’t even get to see my five-minutes of fame.  Isn’t that the way life works?  Sometimes we do the work and miss the reward.  No worries though, I don’t like how I look on camera.  🙂

Happy 200th Birthday Little Falls!


7 thoughts on “Are 200 more years possible? – Our Town’s Bicentennial Bash

  1. caprik

    Happy Birthday, FringeTown!

    On Saturday we welcomed the Guys home from their week of fishing, and Sunday we went to a graduation open house. Nice and low key.

  2. Cathy

    Happy Birthday to your town. I enjoyed the pictures. I love in a small town in Ohio. We have the oldest inn and newspaper in Ohio. I love living in a small town with rich history.

  3. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    Congrats to your town for surviving 200 years; I hope it begins to thrive in the coming few years. Rebirth is a very good thing, as we know!
    I had a dear friend fly in from St Louis this weekend. We got together, 5 out of 7 master gardeners and friends, to reminisce and make new memories together. She’s leaving after lunch today having had a wonderful time! I love my friends! I’m so very lucky!!


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