Write on Schedule

I’m not good at scheduling things, especially not things like cooking and cleaning.  Sometimes I read women’s blogs who have their entire lives planned out so everything in their household and family runs like a special operations plan from the army.

You know who these women are – the ones who have it all together and actually take the time to blow-dry their hair and match their purse to their shoes.

Oh, is that YOU?

I’m so sorry.  I’m not making fun of you.  I like your matching shoes.  It’s just that I’ve given up trying to be like you, because it’s absolute torture for me.

I mean, where’s the fun in never running out of clean underwear or attempting to make dinner out of one dusty can of lima beans and a pack of shrimp Ramen noodles?

In all seriousness, I could use an organizational lesson or two thousand.  If only they had a pill that caused a woman to use her whole brain the entire day.  Well, some things I just have to keep wishing for, others I can attempt to change.

For the summer I’m instituting a little schedule of sorts.  It’s only been two days and I’m proud to say it’s working splendidly.  I needed quiet time to write.  Finding this time has been a struggle.  I know this will be difficult for you to understand, but I don’t write so well when I’m interrupted every other sentence.  I’ve been averaging about twenty-five words an hour, because I’m doing laundry, policing a gang of children, and making snacks in between.

My hubby suggested that I take two hours every morning, make the kids play in their rooms, and just write in peace.  After the two hours, the kids can ride their bikes, run wild, or chase the neighbor’s cat.  Anything to release their pent-up energy.  Then we can have lunch and go do fun things.

Sounded like a plan to me.

I’m on day two and I’ve already written about five thousand words.  By golly, I think this scheduling thing could work!

Does anyone else schedule time to write, or work from home?

How do schedules work for you?


20 thoughts on “Write on Schedule

  1. Megan

    That’s the absolute WORST thing about being at home–not being able to seperate time to do non-homey things. Right now, I’m usually in my pj’s until 1:00 when I change into my swimsuit. That’s about as structured as my summer schedule is getting, I think. 🙂 ( I do send the kids to their rooms to read in the afternoons, though.)

  2. LadyMongrel

    I happen did this a long time ago when writing my personal stories.
    But then it not really always working for me..
    Sometimes, when the times is come, my brain suddenly stop to work.

    But hey, thanks to remind me of this idea,..
    I might start to re-use it again.

    bestregards from Indonesia.

  3. momfog

    No schedule really. But I usually write at night after everyone is in bed. I don’t sleep a lot anyway so I might as well use the time to do something productive.

  4. Deb

    I’m sorry but all I can say is THE DONNA REED SHOW IS ON DVD??!!!!! I must procure this item ASAP. Carry on. 😉

  5. Tori Nelson

    My blogging time is in the “Whatever spare minutes I can find” category. I’ve tried to dedicate a specific time each day to writing, but life always gets in the way!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Ya, my blogging still fits into the ‘spare minutes’ category, but I’ve started this book. If I ever hope to finish it, I need some schedule ‘write’ time. You know?

  6. Stace

    Great post! I schedule what I’ll write about weeks in advance because juggling two book deals, five kids, being a camp director for a summer day camp, and running Ermas can get a little overwhelming. Sofa so good but we’ll see how it pans out after the the bulk of the girls are home for the summer break.

    If you’re looking for me, I’ll be hiding under my desk and crying softly into the keyboard.

  7. Emily

    I am the same way – so terrible with schedules!! I have friends who run their households with spreadsheets. That makes my brain hurt 🙂

    That scheduling in writing is such a good idea – glad it’s working for you so far!

  8. Mikki

    What a cute clip.
    I like to make schedules but don’t always stick to them. I do feel like they help me out a lot.
    I like to do weekly menu’s so I’m not buying stuff that I’ll never use at the grocery store..
    and when it comes to house cleaning.. I try to have a monthly cleaning schedule of things I usually won’t tend too.. like whipping down doors and sweeping cobwebs..

    I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you 🙂

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      We’re supposed to sweep cobwebs? Have you ever seen the Munsters? I’m cool with their look. 😉

      I tried a weekly menu once, but didn’t last the week. 😦 I’m SO bad.

  9. bridgesburning

    Good girl! My goal is 2,000 words a day but have not done it..and the only interruption I have is me! Properly shamed now I will do better. BTW fashion TV now says your shoes should NEVER match your purse. But it just doesn’t look right to me!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Since I have a black, white and hot pink fake giraffe purse, I don’t have to worry about matching anything! 😉

      Keep writing! You’ll get to those 2,000 words a day. I’m easily distracted too. I’m also an expert at procrastinating. 😦

  10. : Susie

    Gosh, I’m with you, my hair is shoved into a pony tail everyday. This is turning into a survival of the fittest summer.

    I’m trying a new thing today – reading time after lunch. Everyone grabs a book to read, (keyboard for me), glass of ice cold water, favorite sitting spot and no talking. Hopefully this will go smoothly.


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