Baked Potatoes & Exotic Vacations – Fiction Friday 6th Edition

I’m continuing the story, It’s Not My Life, from last week.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll recognize that I’m weaving truth and fiction very closely.  I’m still not sure it’s a great idea, but many of you seemed to enjoy, so here’s page 2.  Hope everyone has a sunshiny weekend!


March 15, 2012

Crazy Acres is glowing a fine shade of no-slime chlorine blue.  Unfortunately my face is also glowing, a nuclear burnout red.

At first I thought adding extra insulation to the house was a good energy-efficient idea, but I’m having second thoughts.  The deacon board decided we should first cover the outside of the house in foam boards, then reside, and paint.

The foam boards keep out sounds like blaring horns, motorcycles, and your neighbor’s barking dog.  In my case, I’m hoping not to hear Poe.  In the winter, it also keeps in heat, reducing costs.

As Frank and I were standing on ladders holding the silver foiled foam boards on the side of the house, a cyclist raced by, doubling around for a closer look.

“Good job!”  He yelled.  “It looks like a giant baked potato.”

If our house looks like a baked potato, then my faced looks like a fried tomato.  I never once considered that foil faced foam reflects sun better than a magnifying glass.  You may be able to sizzle bugs with a magnifying glass, but foil faced foam can sizzle pimples, fry facial hair, and shrivel skin.

My face, now a fourth grade science project, may not heal by Easter.  I do hope my eyebrows grow back.

Our children, Jayne and Derek are adjusting extraordinarily well to life in Happy Valley.  Jayne came home from school yesterday and told us all about her classmate’s adventures over spring break.

Apparently several children enjoyed setting sail on the wide ocean, cruising to a destination where suntan lotion and flip-flops are in season.

“I told them we went on a cruise once.”  Jayne said.

Now I know I’m on the fast-track to memory loss, but I would have no less than 542 photos of our suntanned faces and sandy feet.

Jane had to do some explaining in order for me to remember that cruise, but truth emerged unscathed.

“Honey, that was a ferry ride to Staten Island, not a cruise ship!”  I sputtered.

I can’t wait to plan this summer’s vacation.  Maybe we’ll take a car ride to the rain forest.  I wonder if the men at the car wash will make exotic bird sounds for us….

Not My Life,



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Fiction Friday with The Domestic Fringe
Fiction Friday with The Domestic Fringe

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3 thoughts on “Baked Potatoes & Exotic Vacations – Fiction Friday 6th Edition

  1. Elina

    “Good job!” He yelled. “It looks like a giant baked potato.”

    Ha. Made me giggle. 🙂 Great job!

  2. Tori Nelson

    “My face, now a fourth grade science project…” I love it. I agree with Charming’s Mama. Fiction needs a little truth behind it to make the reader engage and want to follow.


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