The Road Trip that Made me Wash My Daughter’s Mouth with Soap

Today I’m over at An Army of Ermas reminiscing about everything but the kitchen sink.  Come join me on a road trip from Maine to Florida and hear about the totally gross and completely disgusting thing FringeKid did on a trip to the bathroom.

After that lead, who would wouldn’t want to go read my story!

For me, road trips began…

My brother and I eagerly climbed up into the back of our 1977 burgundy Oldsmobile Station Wagon.  Because vacations of my childhood always began in the pre-twilight hours when most of the world was tucked into their beds, my parents folded down the back seat, giving us a queen size snooze through New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.  We never closed our eyes; surprises awaited us, every mile a new adventure to discover.  My mother packed everything we owned.  At seven years old, I heard the kitchen sink cursed more than once; however, packing forty-two bags, a grill, an adult size cooler, two children and the kitchen sink was acceptable.  Wagons could hold anything a family packed, even my four-foot Raggedy Ann.
Click HERE to finish the story.  It gets slightly more interesting I promise. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Road Trip that Made me Wash My Daughter’s Mouth with Soap

  1. momfog

    Blaahh. That sink lick made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Love a DVD player and a Nintendo DS for travel, though I miss cow poker and travel bingo. I loved those games as a kid. Oh well, we still love the old Punch Buggy.

  2. marytoo

    I tried to comment over at Erma’s Army, but I was not allowed. What is it with me getting locked out of commenting….hmmmm???? Anyway, I just wanted to say I feel your pain! And add a little story of my grossest public bathroom visit, luckily involving someone else’s child.

    Heading into the roadside restroom, I noticed a LOT of water standing around. That stopped me from going and farther into the restroom, but it didn’t stop me from standing around looking. That water was inches deep! And then I saw this little girl coming out…barefooted. The water covered her ankles, and she was swishing around in it like she was at the riverside or the wading pool. And her mom was nowhere to be seen. Oh, nooooOOOOOOO!!!! I felt a little irritated toward the absentee mother, but now I don’t know, It never occurred to me until now, but maybe she was already mortified, squatting over the toilet inside.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Sorry about the comment thing. I always have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs. Don’t know why and can’t be bothered to figure it out. Glad your comment over here worked! 🙂


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